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All health values tested using C-Groove Ratio 2 against a C-Groove Ratio 2 Ryu at full health

All combos are written in Numpad Notation, refer to this visual aide if you need help reading it.

Meterless Combos
Combo Position Damage Stun Difficulty Notes
Notation Here Position Damage Stun Difficulty Notes
Notation Here Position Damage Stun Difficulty Notes

Custom Combos

Hibiki's Custom Combo Slide by GunterJPN

Old Combo Table

Meterless Combos

The Bread and Butter (BnB) Combo

The classic Hibiki combo.

cr.LK×3, cr.LP xx MP Distance Slash for 2200 Damage, 22 Stun

D.png+ (Lk.png,Lk.png,Lk.png,Lp.png) xxQcf.png+Mp.png

  • Always use MP for the Distance Slash instead of LP version. It does 100 more damage, 1 more stun, and recovers more quickly.
  • You can replace any of the cr.LKs with standing LPs and the combo will still chain, but the standing LP obviously doesn't hit low and doesn't come out any faster than the crouching LK.
  • If starting the combo at a further distance, you will only be able to get in two or one cr.LKs instead of all three.
  • cr.LP alone should generally always be followed by MP Distance Slash for a free attack/guard bar damage.

The Punish Combo

Have all day to land some big damage without using meter? Here you go.

cl.HK xx HP Beckoning Slash (crossthrough) xx HP Distance Slash for 3400 Damage, 34 Stun

CloseHk.png xxQcb.png+Hp.png (crossthrough to opposite side) Qcb.png+Hp.png

Remember that once you cross through the opponent with a Beckoning Slash, the input direction flips. QCB on the left of the opponent and QCF on the right of the opponent is the same absolute input (214).

There are some variations on the Punish Combo depending on the length of your opening and your end goal.

  • The startup for close HK is 8 frames. If you do not have that long, start with close HP (3 frames) or close MP (4 frames), although these hit high. If you need a quick punish that starts low, you can open with (only) one crouching LK (3 frames), but the cancel window is very short!
  • For 100 more damage and 1 more stun, end with an MP Distance Slash instead. However, you are trading that for the knockdown you get with HP Distance Slash, when Hibiki can engage with oki tactics and further possible damage. Use either as desired.
  • Remember to make sure Hibiki crosses through the opponent by holding down HP for a beat on the Beckoning Slash input, especially in the corners. The HK starter will give you plenty of time to do that.

The Meaty BnB

When you need something a little more meatier for the oki game, starting the BnB with MK instead of the crouching LKs will do the trick.

cl.MK, cr.LK, cr.LP xx MP Distance Slash for 2600 Damage, 26 Stun

CloseMk.png, D.png+ (Lk.png,Lp.png) xxQcf.png+Mp.png

  • Requires a 3 frame link from MK to cr.LK, or more if off a late meaty hit or counter hit.
  • This combo string can be used in a frame trap situation by delaying the cr.LK attack a moment after close MK.

The Wakeup Reversal

An excellent option whether you're waking up, or they are.

Roll Cancel HP Beckoning Slash (crossthrough) HP Distance Slash for 2100 Damage, 21 Stun

RCQcb.png+Hp.png (crossthrough to opposite side) Qcb.png+Hp.png

  • Offensively, this is a strong part of Hibki's oki confusion game. Which side are you going to hit the opponent on? If you don't know, maybe they won't, either!
  • Doesn't necessarily need to be roll cancelled if using it offensively, but if doing so remember that the RC adds frames before the attack so adjust your timing accordingly.
  • Defensively, this is Hibiki's "Get Out of Jail Free" card. If trapped in the corner, being able to consistently pull off a roll cancelled reversal Beckoning Slash is a godsend.
  • If it hits, you get a free punish combo. If it's blocked, you get out of the corner anyway. (If you miss the reversal RC, you get punished. Try to avoid that.)
  • Be sure to hold HP for a moment just to be sure you'll be crossing through the opponent. The RC invincibility will cover you.

Combos With Meter

Into Going My Way (Rave)

Punisher combo: cl.HK xx Going My Way Super Root 2, interrupt chain after MK, cl.HK xx HP Beckoning Slash (crossthrough) xx HP Distance Slash for 7616 damage, 47 stun

  • Your big mistake punisher into a Level 3. Great damage, HUGE stun damage, and great setups after. If you hit this, you've got a great chance at the win or at least a comeback.
  • You can use an MP Distance Slash at the end of this combo for about 100 more damage and 1 more stun, but is usually not worth it due to losing the knockdown and setups from it that the HP Distance Slash provides.

Confirm combo: cr.LK×3 xx Going My Way Super Root 2, interrupt chain after MK, cl.HK xx HP Beckoning Slash (crossthrough) xx HP Distance Slash for 6632 damage, 40 stun

  • This is how you will normally be confirming into the rave super, fishing for an opening to catch the opponent low.
  • If starting a bit further away, you will only be able to get out and confirm off of two LKs.
  • To execute this smoothly, hit the first (one or) two LKs as normal, then start the HCB/63214 sequence so that the last crouching LK comes out during the down directions of the input motion. Finish executing the super with forward and a kick button.
  • You can use an MP Distance Slash at the end of this combo for about 60 more damage and 1 more stun, but is usually not worth it due to losing the knockdown and setups from it that the HP Distance Slash provides.

S-Groove and N-Groove Only: cl.HK xx Going My Way Super Root 2, interrupt chain after MK, cl.HK xx HP Beckoning Slash (crossthrough) xx Heavenly Spirit of Victory Level 1 for 8825 damage, 36 stun (or open with cr.LK×3 for 8603 damage, 29 stun)

  • If you still have a Level 1 super in your pocket after using the meter for the Level 3, you can add on a dash super at the end to do about 1000 more damage than with a Distance Slash.
  • This is a no-brainer to always do in S-Groove. In N-Groove, you must decide if the extra 1000 damage now is worth trading away the chance to build up another stock of your meter quickly for a new Level 3 attempt.

N-Groove Only 60-Stun Punish Combo, Requires all 3 Stocks: Pop Stock, j.HP, cl.HK xx Going My Way Super Root 3, interrupt chain after 7th Button (2nd LK), Pop Stock, cl.HK xx HP Beckoning Slash (crossthrough) MP Distance Slash into Stun; j.HP, cl.HK xx HP Beckoning Slash (crossthrough) MP Distance Slash for 12667 Damage
(Root 3 is good for something after all!)

  • It's possible, but requires you to get a free jump-in combo, then ridiculous execution precision and timing on your part. If you can somehow land it, as a Ratio 2 it will easily kill all Ratio 1 characters, will kill low health Ratio 2 characters (Akuma, Morrigan, etc.), and be a 95% combo against the rest of them!
  • The jump-in HP starter and MP Distance Slash are both required to get up to 60 stun. If you end with an HP Distance Slash, you will it will be only 59 stun!
  • The activation timing into the close HK xx Beckoning Slash is the key to this working. If you do the seven buttons in the rave chain quickly (but not as fast as possible) the timing for the activation and the close HK is almost done with the same rhythm.
  • If successful, this combo will do 9254 damage before the stun. If you've made it this far, feel free to skip the j.HP starter on the stunned opponent; you'll still get nearly 12000 damage because you're still activated and you're doing 20% more damage, counteracting the heavy combo scaling.
  • Here's a video of it:

Into Heavenly Spirit of Victory (Dash)

  • Confirm off of BnB Opener

Level 1: cr.LK, cr.LP xx Heavenly Spirit of Victory for 2900 Damage
Level 2: cr.LK×2, cr.LP xx Heavenly Spirit of Victory for 4300 Damage
Level 3: cr.LK×3, cr.LP xx Heavenly Spirit of Victory for 5900 Damage
The higher level super available, the more crouching LKs you can add before the LP into super. This combo is most practical for C-Groove players to confirm into easy Level 2s. Some Japanese Hibiki players that appear on regular streams prefer to combo into Level 3 with this super instead of Going My Way for some reason.

  • After Punishing with cl.HK xx Beckoning Slash

Level 1: 4600 Damage - This is an excellent amount of damage for a Level 1 off an easy punish.
Level 2: 5800 Damage
Level 3: 7200 Damage

  • After a Melding Being Blade (Counter)

Level 1: 2900 Damage - Compare to a follow-up Beckoning Slash, which corner carries and does 2000 total damage without meter.
Level 2: 4100 Damage
Level 3: 5500 Damage

  • After a Piercing Moon Pounce (Overhead)

Level 1: 3100 Damage - Compare to cancelling into MP Distance Slash, which does 2000 total damage without meter.
Level 2: 4300 Damage
Level 3: 5700 Damage

Into No Fear Feint (Blackout)

  • Punisher combo: cl.HK xx No Fear Feint for 6800 Damage

Not the most damage off of a close HK punish, but certainly the most flashy! Use to punctuate a round win if you're not sure the raw super will get you there.

  • In the corner after a Melding Being Blade (Counter) for 6100 Damage

The primary punisher after a successful counter with Hibiki's back to the corner. There is a specific but relatively large window the super must come out for a successful hit. Way too early or too late, it will whiff. Slightly too early, it will hit with the tip of the super hitbox and only do 1400 total damage.

  • Away from the corner after a Melding Being Blade (Counter) for 6100 Damage

A much more risky proposition, as this requires a dash up or delicate runup to get into position before executing the super input. Basically impossible to miss early, so if done as quickly as possible, and done cleanly, it should hit every time. Consider doing a Level 3 Heavenly Spirit of Victory Dash super off the counter instead for a much safer and more reliable 5500 total damage.

A-Groove Custom Combos

Information for this section comes from Gunter's Custom Combo Collection guide on his Google Drive space. For the full guide, complete with video, go to


Her traditional Ground CC utilizes her Beckoning Slash to bring her closer after cr.HPs (and cr.LPs, after the 8th hit scales damage to the minimum) push her too far away.

You can technically juggle with Beckoning Slashes as well, and as with all juggling CCs, it offers a little more leeway on timing, However, also similar to other juggling CCs, it’s also less damaging than her grounded CC.

Technically, Hibiki has a jumping CC. It’s really only useful after a counter, but good to know. (See #Other section, below.)


Hibiki’s MP Distance Slash is fast and puts them in a knockdown state, so it’s her best option as the initial hit of an anti-air CC. Again, she can technically follow with jumping hits, but the damage is low.

The better option is to follow the MP Distance Slash with another MP Distance Slash to create distance, and then follow with Beckoning Slashes to the corner.


Hibiki’s traditional Ground CC can be used as a Blocked CC, but there are other options you can do from there. If you land a Piercing Moon Pounce overhead, which must be blocked high, you can transition into the Ground CC. If you sneak in a Kick throw, you can juggle with an MP Distance Slash afterwards.

There’s also a super-advanced mixup involving a Beckoning Slash going through the opponent, canceling into a Narrow Escape dodge/Essential Crunch backhop to hit them if they are crouching, and continuing with hits as she returns to the ground.


  • Hibiki can start a custom combo after a Kick throw, so activating and doing the Kick throw is an unblockable custom starter.
  • For more damage, activate after the Kick throw, but the timing is very strict.
  • Two options for CCs after a Melding Being Blade counter: 1) Follow with MP Distance Slash into MP Beckoning Slash to the corner, then freestyle. 2) Follow with superjump(air activate, j.HP, j.HP, j.MK), another superjump with 3 j.HPs, then freestyle. The ground slashes option is more like the anti-air CC, but the jumping hits give you more leeway with timing.
  • Use the invincibility to go through a fireball/projectile with a Beckoning Slash after activating. (You can retaliate a blocked Sagat Hotfoot super in the same way.)
  • Blocking a Blanka Ball leads to a free CC, with different results depending on the timing of the first hit.
  • Blocking an Iori sweep and a Honda Headbutt leads to a free CC, beginning with a MP Beckoning Slash.
  • Against C/P/S Grooves Dan and Rolento, you can CC after a combo near the corner due to the Dan/Rolento OTG bug.
  • Any of the sneaky moves from the Blocked section can be used to reset damage if a Ground CC connects. A Piercing Moon Pounce overhead is the easiest.

(Old Wiki Information)

For R1 Damage I referenced Buk's System's Guide (-18%)

Since the damage output on most of her CC's as an R1 do pitiful damage, it's practically mandatory that you master usage of her Resets to make her worth it as a user

It should also be noted that upon finishing these CC's following up with knockdown mixups is cake and highly recommended, and by those alone following a CC you can take a round because after all the Resets are in the end another mixup.

CC, (close RHx2, c.HP xx qcb+LP)x2, (c.LPx4, c.HP xx qcb+LP)x2, c.LPx4, c.HK xx super:

7892 damage (R2)

6471.44 damage (R1)

Very respectable damage. This generic ground CC is your "big punisher CC" and also the CC to use when you activate randomly. First hits hitting low is nice too, but I find that it's a little too slow to use as trip guard anti-air.

CC, qcf+MP, qcb+LP, qcb+MPx3, qcf+MP, c.LK (whiff), (jump HPx5)x2, super:

6864 damage (R2)

5268.48 damage (R1)

This is your anti-air CC. The beauty of this CC is that you can anti-air somebody from REALLY far away on reaction and get a whole CC out of it. Is Blanka jumping up and down? Kill it. Blanka low jumping up and down? Kill it. Did you just block a Bison psycho crusher (or Blanka ball)? Kill it. Sak whiffing dive kicks? Kill it. You get the point.

kick throw, CC, qcf+MP, qcb+MPx4, qcf+MP, c.LK (whiff), (jump HPx5)x2, super:

6812 damage (R2)

5585.84 damage (R1)

This is lovely. Guaranteed CC after a midscreen throw. You can also activate, THEN throw and combo off of that for a bit less damage. Still worth it, though, and pretty much guaranteed to work several times on everybody before they start catching on. And then when they start trying to jump out you do a low move and go into the ground CC...

CC, jump HKx4, c.HP, then go into generic ground CC:

7760 damage (R2)

6363.2 damage (R1)

Overhead CC on big characters. Works on characters Eagle-sized and taller. Also handy as an easy reset mid-CC, or if you went for a low hitting CC and they blocked.

Eagle sized logically would mean while crouching

Referenced from Buk's system's guide->Eagle, Zangief, Sagat, Geese, Chang & Raiden

CC, qcb+LP, c.HP, (qcb+LP, c.HPx2)x2, (c.LPx4, c.HP, qcb+LP)x2, c.LPx4, c.HK, super:

7672 damage (R2)

6291.04 damage (R1)

Whiff punisher CC. Also works as one of the best anti-projectile CCs in the game. Hibiki can be really far away from the fireball thrower and still get a CC off of it.

To get an idea how far this can connect imagine the opponent in the corner and you opposite corner and dash forward.

Counter, CC

The damage for CC's off this varies. If you're midscreen, you could probably get away with the anti-air CC. If you're in the corner and throw them there just go for [j.HPx5]xN, super.

CC Resets

qcb+mp, just as you pass through and past the opponent KKK ~ b+K, you will hop back over the opponent. j.HK, j.MP, c.LK into ground CC.

While normally used when the opponent blocks your CC, it can also be used mid-CC to reset the combo meter.

--Can be avoided standing, in which case you mixup after the dodge with either a low attack or kickthrow

Dodge KKK,

Also a mixup following the dodge on the 1st reset. If they stand, go low with and continue the CC.

---This is a good alternative if the opponent stands to avoid the 1st Reset. Probably better than the next since the kickthrow takes a lot of time from the meter.

Dodge KKK, kick throw

Another followup to the dodge on the 1st Reset, it suffers in comparison due to the time (and hence damage) it takes from CC's, and it effectively nukes the chances for further resets.

---This is mashable of course, but for mixups it's there.

s.HK xx dp+k continue CC

Getto old-school reset. s.HK has enough hit-stun so that the similar looking dp+k will counter-hit jabs/shorts. It will catch people trying to jump out as a nice bonus.

--This is roll-able (hence RC, lvl 3, dp reversable). The timing fortunately IS strict. It is of course blockable standing if they see it coming.

d.HK, qcb+P, continue CC

Sweep then cross them up with the qcb+P Beckoning Slash and continue with the generic Ground CC.

---It's a crossup.

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