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Capcom vs SNK 2/CvS2 Discord Help Topics

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?h - Help Topic Summary

Discord command: ?h

Summary: This topic explains that this Wiki page is for the help commands available on the CvS2 Discord.

We have a help topic feature that allows anyone to easily answer common CvS2 questions and share important CvS2 resources with other users looking for help.

To share one of the help topics, type a question mark (?) followed by a valid help topic command, without any spaces, in any channel. The CvS2 Discord Bot will immediately reply to you with the corresponding text/links shown below.

The CvS2 Wiki has a current list of help topic commands and their contents. Use the list to quickly educate yourself on of the available topics (without spamming the Discord server with commands) and also to know the list of currently available commands to use when others have questions about the topics listed below.

If you have a suggestion for a new help topic, let us know! Just post about it in #cvs2-fgc-general. With enough interest from others, we can add it to the help topics library.

?grooves - Information on CvS2 Grooves

Discord command: ?grooves

Summary: A brief overview and tier list of the six grooves in CvS2.

The Grooves in CvS2 are selectable meter systems for your team of characters that determine what default system abilities, special system techniques, and levels of super attacks are available to your team in a match. There are six grooves, each based on a different classic Capcom or SNK game:


  • Meter Type: Three-Level Super Combo System (A-ism from SF Alpha 3)
  • Main Feature: Level 2 supers cancel into Level 1 supers or special moves to extend combos and add damage
  • Tier: A


  • Meter Type: Custom Combo System (V-ism from SF Alpha 3)
  • Main Feature: After activation, custom combos cancel all normal and special moves into each other and can end with a Level 1 super
  • Tier: A+


  • Meter Type: Parrying & Super Combo System (from SFIII: Third Strike)
  • Main Feature: Parrying (that's not as good as what's in SFIII: Third Strike)
  • Tier: D


  • Meter Type: Extra Gauge & Special Move System (from KOF'94)
  • Main Feature: Manual Meter Charging and Unlimited Level 1 supers at low health
  • Tier: F


  • Meter Type: Advanced Gauge & Special Move System (Advanced gauge from KOF'98)
  • Main Feature: Meter stocks that grant a 20% damage boost when activated
  • Tier: B/C


  • Meter Type: Just Defend (from Garou: MotW) & Rage Gauge System (from SamSho)
  • Main Feature: Rage meter fills as you take damage, granting massive damage bonuses (up to +35%) when filled
  • Tier: A+

More information on grooves is available on the CvS2 Wiki:

?netplay - CvS2 Emulation and Netplay Information

Discord command: ?netplay

Summary: A link to the CvS2 Wiki's Emulation and Netplay page for setup info for CvS2 emulators and netplay.

The CvS2 Wiki has a full guide for setting up Fightcade, Flycast Dojo, and other CvS2 emulation and rollback netplay options. It will show you how to automatically download game ROMs, configure controls, play online, enable advanced training mode features, and link you to additional FAQ and troubleshooting resources if needed.

?rc - How to Roll Cancel

Discord command: ?rc

Summary: This provides a brief explanation and example on how to Roll Cancel in CvS2.

To roll cancel, you should be using a groove that has rolling (C-Groove, A-Groove, or N-Groove). To perform one, a roll (Lp.png+Lk.png) must be done one to three frames *before* finishing the input for a special move. For example, the input for a roll cancelled Hadouken would look something like this...


...but with the P.png input coming one to three frames after the Lp.png+Lk.png input.

Refer to this Twitch clip for a video example:

?rcelec - How to Roll Cancel Button Mash Specials

Discord command: ?rcelec

Summary: A specific example on the method to roll cancel Blanka's electricity and other button mash special moves.

To roll cancel Blanka Electricity (or other button mash special moves like E.Honda hands and Chun-Li legs) you will want to quickly input this sequence of button presses:


Normal roll cancel rules still apply: The special move is executed on the fifth mashed input (the fifth button pressed determines the strength) and must come no later than three frames after the roll input ((Lp.png+Lk.png), which also acts as the fourth mash input) for the RC to be successful.

Refer to this video example:

?tiers - CvS2 Tier List

Discord command: ?tiers

Summary: A note on CvS2 tiers and a link to BAS's 2020 tier list.

BAS created this CvS2 character tier list, which is generally agreed to be the most current, most useful, and most(ly) accurate one available. CvS2 has very few truly "low tier" characters, and as history has shown that any one character in the game can compete as a part of the right groove/team/player style combination.

Each character is listed with the groove (or grooves) that they may be considered at their strongest and/or have the most potential using. Note that this in no way claims that those characters *must* use those grooves to be in their listed tier. While some characters are definitely better in some grooves than others, it ultimately comes down to how many tools a character has available to them regardless of groove, which is how you should be viewing this tier list.

For a groove tier list and other info on grooves, refer to the ?grooves help topic.

?training - Training Mode on Dreamcast, Setup Info

Discord command: ?training

Summary: Information on how to setup emulators for CvS2 training mode on the Dreamcast version.

Looking to get training mode setup for CvS2 through emulation? DO NOT use the "Training Mode" button when you launch the NAOMI arcade version on Fightcade! Instead, you will want to get use the Dreamcast version and its native training mode.

The Arcade and DC versions are virtually the same, so whether you use BEAR (better input recognition) or Flycast Dojo (more training features), everything will translate one-to-one.

If you use Flycast, you can enable advanced training mode features through the emulator to add a bunch of modern tools, including frame-count input histories, quick save/load position resets, and random playback from multiple recording slots!

The Emulation and Netplay page on the CvS2 Wiki will walk you through the entire process. The link below will take you directly to the setup section for training mode on Flycast Dojo:

If you prefer to use BEAR or would like to check it out, you can find download and seutp information further down the page, with instructions on how to launch the game for offline play.

?wiki - About the CvS2 Wiki

Discord command: ?wiki

Summary: A link to the CvS2 Wiki (you are here!) and an explanation of its "under construction" status.

CvS2 has a Wiki! It is hosted on We are in the process of updating and modernizing it from the old Wiki, which had scattershot and incomplete information. Eventually, it will be your one-stop shop for CvS2 information, but for now you can check out what we've got here:

If you prefer to use BEAR or would like to check it out, you can find download and setup information further down the page, with instructions on how to launch the game for offline play.

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