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The Basics


Neutral with Chang is basic big-body style gameplay. You're slow and have to lumber around, but you can use your big buttons to knock the opponent around until they sit still long enough for you to approach. Chang neutral has one thing the others don't however: Choi. You can use Choi summons in neutral for various reasons, whether to approach behind them, or to zone the opponent a bit. Using Chang's big buttons and Choi summons can let you control the screen very well, and land that juicy knockdown so you can transition into Chang's great offense.

Important Buttons and Specials in Neutral:

5LP/2LP: These are solid range jabs. Great to check the opponent trying to move forward, or punish things that aren't very negative. In Grooves with run, you can run in and do these a bunch to generate frame advantage and threaten a grab mixup.

5HK: This is a solid button to poke and whiff punish with. Great hitbox, and Chang's hurtbox recesses a bit below his leg. The reward is low, but it can be used very effectively to check an opponent dashing in, or whiff punish something from far away.

3HP: Chang's slide is a fairly fast punishing tool that grants him a knockdown. This makes it very important to him, as Chang struggles to get knockdowns at range without super. It also has some low profile, allowing it to punish high fireballs, but it does carry risk with it.

2LK/2MK: A low poke without much reward. Useful pokes, and not very risky, but you can't get much from them.

2HP: Chang's main anti-air normal. Great upwards reach, but a bit slow on startup, so try to use it a little preemptively. This also has usage on offense as his main cancel.

j.HP: Jump fierce is a great range air-to-air with above average damage. You can snipe opponents out of the air with this when they try to jump over Choi or a grounded button like 3HP.

Mash P: Ball Spin is an annoying and difficult to contest neutral tool. It anti-airs well, deletes projectiles, and if you roll cancel it you become fully invulnerable. Add onto this the safety on block, ability to cancel it at your leisure, and the guard crush it's capable of, and Ball Spin becomes very threatening.

63214K: Choi tornado is a great projectile to control the air with. You leave an opening, so be careful of the risk it carries, but if the opponent doesn't capitalize you get to approach VERY safely behind this and run a mixup on them.

623K: Similar to 63214K but they can jump over it. This may sound like a weakness, but the ability to jump over it is a bit of a benefit actually, as Chang can meet them with a j.HP in the air. It also has another benefit of being more like a fireball, and traveling much farther than 63214K. Just be wary of RC specials, as with any other fireball really.

41236K: Choi's walldive leaves the most vulnerable gap of all the summons, but think of this like 623K with a better angle. The MK and HK angles should be your main ones here, as they travel far enough to actually threaten the opponent offensively. These are also great defensively, as Chang can retreat while Choi flies forward, but this is also done with 63214K.


This is where Chang really starts to shine. If you can find a way to knock the opponent down, you can summon Choi. Once you do that, the opponent has to respect Choi being out, and Chang can run a mixup. Chang's basic mixups are strike/throw, which doesn't sound too threatening, but having Choi makes it harder for the opponent to run away. This is the simple rundown: If they block Choi, you either do a jab into Ball Spin to guard crush, a jump into either j.HK or 2LK for a high/low mixup, or you do Chang's command grab. Each of these can lead to a knockdown or leave Chang safe enough to go for another Choi special, which puts them in the same situation. Sooner or later, the opponent will get antsy, since their guard bar is draining fast. This is when you catch them jumping or mashing, and combo into Chang's super for big damage! Run and hop Grooves make Chang's offense much scarier, but Chang is usually played in C-Groove, so you can either learn to make do without them or play N/K-Groove and lose out on the benefits of C-Chang.

Important Offensive Tools:

5LP/2LP: Chang's jabs are just as useful on offense as they are on defense. These are plus, and can cancel into specials for another mixup, either Ball Spin for chip and guard crush or another Choi special to try and pressure the opponent, though a Choi special leaves a large gap. These also make nice tools for tick throws into his command grab, but make sure you don't do it as a cancel or else the grab will whiff. If these hit, you can confirm into Chang's super.

2LK: Your main low mixup. Sadly, you can't confirm this into a super, however if you notice them standing you can cancel into a super from this and have it combo.

2HP: A strong heavy normal for cancels. In a combo, you can cancel this into Ball Spin or Chang Super for a knockdown. If they block this, the blockstun is long enough that a cancel into a Choi Summon isn't entirely unsafe. They can still hit you, but if you mix that up with cancelling this into Ball Spin to catch them pressing and guard crush/chip, they'll be too scared to stop you.

j.HP/j.HK: Jump-ins that hit high and deal solid damage. j.HP is your main way to catch people trying to jump away from you, and it hits hard too. j.HK is your main overhead mixup, and becomes much scarier with a hop since you can confirm it into Chang Super.

Mash P: Ball Spin is likely the best thing Chang has on offense. It is oppressive: hard to challenge, hard to escape, crushes guard like no other, deal a bit of chip, and the PPP cancel allows Chang to be safe and possibly run another mixup if you respect him. The mixup isn't too threatening, but you really don't wanna block too many of these, as if Chang gets a guard crush he can easily go into super and you get put into a bad spot.

63214K: Choi tornado is the best summon on offense for a few reasons. Similar to Ball Spin, it deals decent chip and guard bar damage. However, the upwards movement lets it do a lot more, like catch jumps and forward movement. Chang is also free to act as Choi goes, allowing Chang to stop your attempts to escape from Choi. Learning how your opponent responds to Choi is key to playing Chang. Do they guard cancel? Do they roll? Do they jump? You can find an answer to each of these, and force your opponent into a dangerous guessing game against Chang. Once they respect this guessing game, you can force guard crush strings, or command grab them.

632146P: Chang's command grab. Simple but good, since Chang relies on strike/throw a lot. Threaten this to make them jump around more, and then catch them with a 63214K summon or a j.HP.

6321463214K: Choi Super. VERY plus, and destroys guard bar while doing a very healthy amount of chip. The one drawback is that the 40 frame startup makes it easy to jump out of if you cancel into it, so you'll do this pretty exclusively as a meaty after a command grab or ball spin. Still, great for chipping and doing scarier mixups, and a useful way to use meter on opponents you can't open up into Chang Super.

2363214P: Chang Super. Your most useful combo ender, as it does massive damage and lets you easily set up Choi mixups or even a Choi super if you have the meter to spend on it. Not too easy to combo into, as your only confirm route is 2LP > 2LP or 2LP > 5LK, but if you do get it, it does great damage.


While Chang does great on offense and can manage neutral, he tends to struggle a lot on defense. Being big and slow, he can't escape much, and is subject to scarier mixups and combos. He lacks a reversal without roll cancels, and his RC Ball Spin is very difficult to do with reversal timing. His roll is the slowest in the game as well, which basically removes it as a defensive escape tool. This leads him to be reliant on universal mechanics, like C-Grooves Alpha Counters or K-Grooves JD. These are somewhat risky or cost meter, and aren't guaranteed to work in his favor. Other than that, things like mashing, jumping, and reversal throws to try and escape, all of which leave him very open for punishment. Luckily, he's very beefy, and can take plenty of hits to keep going.

Important Tools on Defense:

Block: Everything Chang does to escape carries massive risk except this. Chip isn't too big of a deal with health like this, and your guard bar is very high as well, meaning guard crush strings are only threatening if you don't stop them. They can throw you, but they have to get close for this: prime range for a reversal punch throw or 2LP mash. You might get mixed every now and then, but you have the health to be ok with that. If you're ever in doubt, block it out, and wait for their risky play to open you up.

5LP/2LP: Fast chainable jabs. Good to interrupt strings or attempts to walk back into range, and you can usually combo them into Ball Spin at most ranges. A bit risky however, as they aren't the fastest in the world, and you can be counterhit for this.

4/6HP: Hagan Geki, or punch throw, is a fast 3 frame option that does 2000 damage. If they leave a gap in pressure close to you, you can usually fit this in and make them hurt. While you can't run okizeme from this, you at least return to neutral, where Chang has a better fighting chance. Proximity throws do have whiff animations, but you're much more likely to get 5HP, which is probably worse than getting a throw animation. Make sure to judge the distance well before doing reversal throw.

Roll Cancel Mash P: RC Ball Spin is a 5 frame invulnerable move with more active frames than any move needs to have. If done right, this can interrupt almost anything, but it's VERY vulnerable to throws when done like this. If it works, it steals Chang's turn back whether it hits or gets blocked. If it doesn't, you get thrown, or if you messed up the input you get counterhit. Try to input this out of blockstun or on wakeup, as done raw you have to whiff either an LP or HP button, leaving you wide open.

Alpha Counter: Chang's AC reuses his 3HP, but is much faster overall. It doesn't hit very well against airborne opponents, but is actually alright against grounded ones. While you would really rather save the meter for a super, sometimes a situation is desperate, and a character with no other reversal options has to rely on a guard cancel to get out of a bad spot.

2363214P: Massively risky reversal super, but if they press anything, you get great damage and a knockdown. High risk, high cost, high reward. If they block, you will get HURT for it, and lose out on meter as well. Only level 2 and level 3 are true reversals as well, so you can't cheap out with the level 1 version easily. If you know the opponent is gonna do something, or they jump in a groove without airblocking, this will work. Just be very wary of the risk behind it.

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