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Akuma has a lot of juggles possible, but these are the most basic and realistic. With his 214LK, 623P ender, you should always do 623LP since even though it does less damage, it gives much better okizeme. The damage loss is minimal anyway. ALL TATSU COMBOS WHIFF ON CROUCHING CHARACTERS so you should be able to recognize when an opponent is standing or not.

All combos were recorded using a Ratio 2 C-Groove Akuma vs a full health Ratio 2 C-Groove Ryu. All combos are written in Numpad Notation, refer to this visual aide if you need help reading it.

Bread and Butter Combos

Meterless Combos
Combo Position Damage Stun Difficulty Notes
2LK > 2LK > 214LK, 623LP Anywhere 1890 18 Easy Simple low confirm into tatsu, dp. Very easy and makes his basic low mixup scary.
2LK > 2LK > 236HP Anywhere 1470 14 Very Easy Low confirm on crouching opponents. Sacrifices damage and is a worse knockdown, but it's better than whiffing a light tatsu over someones head.
2MK > 236HP Anywhere 1785 17 Very Easy Classic low forward fireball string. Pretty important to learn with Akuma, since up close this will cause a knockdown. At the very tip range of 2MK this won't combo, and from farther ranges it won't knock down and will only do 1680 damage.
(j.HK) cl.HP > 63214HP Anywhere 3360 33 Very Easy Simple heavy combo that doesn't need to confirm standing. Doesn't do much damage sadly, but it is very consistent.
j.HK, cl.HP > 214MK, 623LP Anywhere 4095 40 Easy Your main jump-in confirm. Since cl.HP pushes so far out after a jump-in, 214MK recovers fast enough to juggle. If you do this starting with cl.HP and not a jump, do 214LK as usual.
2LP, 2HP > 214MK, 623LP Anywhere 3360 32 Medium Link from 2LP. Has to be done pretty close, but is nice as a fast punish combo.
2LP, 2HK > 214MK, 623LP Anywhere 3108 23 Medium Link from 2LP into sweep. Possible on normal hit but is difficult, instead use this as a counterhit combo. If done close enough that the knee part of tatsu hits, you can't juggle into DP.
Super Combos
Combo Position Damage Stun Difficulty Notes
2LK > 2LK > 236236P Anywhere 3045/4305/6195 4 Easy Your easy light confirm into super. Basic way to spend meter on consistent damage.
(j.HK) cl.HP > 236236P Anywhere 4305/5775/7980 22 Medium Damaging heavy into super combo. The level 3 version is especially potent, but even the level 1 version is worth the bar.
2MK > 236236P Anywhere 3360/4620/6510 7 Very Easy Basic poke into super combo. Requires a bit of close range, especially on standing, but can be a useful whiff punish.

Niche Combos

C-Groove Combos

Firstly I'm gonna exclude dizzy combos as they aren't really practical IMO, as well as combos that start with 'jump straight up qcf+lp, then tigerknee qcf+hp' and the like for the same reason.

Also, although these all start with 'j.hp, c.hp', that's not the only way to land them. That's the best way to land them as you get the most damage out of it, but you won't get a free jump in that often. When they're dizzy though go for it ;). More practically though you can replace the 'j.hp, c.hp' with ',' or '' to start any of these.

Here are some of C-Groove Akuma's most damaging combos in a variety of situations.

  • Level 2, Anywhere on Screen

j.hp, c.hp, qcfx2+mp xx (last hit, but you still on ground) qcb+lk, dp+hp (2 hits) Damage:7902

  • Level 3, Anywhere on Screen

j.hp, c.hp, qcfx2+mp xx (last hit, but you still on ground) hcbx2+lp Damage:8715

  • Level 2, Opponent In or Near Corner

j.hp, c.hp, qcfx2+mp xx (2nd last hit) hcb+hp, dp+hp (2 hits) Damage:8086

  • Level 3, Opponent In or Near Corner

j.hp, c.hp, qcfx2+mp xx (2nd last hit) hcbx2+lp, dp+hp (2 hits) Damage:9571

  • Level 2, Mid-Screen, Pseudo Combo

Most damage with lvl2, does not work in corner, DOES NOT COMBO: j.hp, c.hp, qcfx2+mp xx (2nd last hit) dp+lk, f+hp xx dp+hp (2 hits) Damage:8715

  • Level 3, Mid-Screen, Pseudo Combo

Most damage with lvl3, does not work in corner, DOES NOT COMBO: j.hp, c.hp, qcfx2+mp xx (2nd last hit) dp+lk, f+hp xx qcfx2+lp (4hits) Damage:8925

NOTE: Those last two have a hole in the combo between the lvl2 super cancel and the grab off the demon flip. Each of them is actually two comboes. The point of listing this is that 9.99993% of players getting hit with the traditional lvl2 combo will either:

  • sit back and do nothing.
  • hold on block in case you're too slow on a cancel and miss it.

This means that if you cancel the lvl2 into demon kick and command grab them, they will NOT react in time to you doing so. Hence they will get grabbed and you can continue the combo as listed.

These two do more damage than the traditional lvl2 cancels, but are risky. They are to only be used extremely scarcely as gimmicks in casual, or if you know that you only need 100 more damage to kill off a character. In which case they can be used. Generally though do the first 4, as the more consistent you are with them, the less they will expect the mixup ones.

Custom Combos

  • Mid Screen (Hit confirmable),, lk hurricane kick, lk hurricane kick (juggle), activate, lk hurricane kick (juggle) x N (repeat until they are in the corner), Red Fireball (FP) x N (Time these to keep them juggled in the air), end with HCB HCB + P (Fireball Super)

  • Corner (hit confirmable),, lk hurricane kick, activate, FP (juggle), Red Fireball (FP) x N, end with HCB HCB + P (Fireball Super)

  • Mid Screen (Hit Confirmable)

Demon Flip + P Near opponents head (to throw), lk hurricane kick (juggle), activate, lk hurricane kick x N (juggle) until opponent is in corner, Red Fireball (FP) X N, HCB HCB + P (Fireball Super)

  • Guard Crush String (Corner)

Activate, Red Fireball (FP) X N, once guard is crushed, follow up with HCB HCB + P (Fireball Super)

  • Guard Crush String (Mid Screen)

Activate, Dragon Punch (FP) X N until crushed, follow up with QCF QCF + P (Uppercut super)

Insanely Hard Combos

  • choi special (corner only)

c/, hp red fireball, lp dp (1 hit), hp dp (1 hit).

  • Osiris:

J.Hp,land S.Lp,S.Hp into HCBX2(lV.1), QCB.Lk, QCF.Mp(LV.2) and while akuma is coming down QCB.HK and finish with DP.HP

  • Air Juggle -> hurricane, land, lk hurricane (juggle), Dragon Punch any strength(Juggle)

  • Fireball Juggle (Corner Only) All grooves except A, HCB HCB + FP (Level 3 super fireball), juggle afterwards with lk hurricane kick, juggle with Dragon Punch (LP) for one hit

  • Double DP Juggle

Anti-Air a move with a Dragon punch that only hits with one hit (i.e. you hit them high). When you land, run forward a little and do another dragon punch, this will allow you to land 2 more hits. Only works in run grooves, though sometimes they are "Deep" enough to not need to run forward a bit.

  • Triple DP Juggle

This is more for show than for damage. Get the opponent into the corner, and on their wakeup, do a Raging Demon. If they jump straight up to get away (like most do), do a Dragon Punch (lp) for one hit, follow up with a Dragon Punch (lp) for a second hit, and then finally throw out a Deep Dragon Punch (lp) for the third hit. It does more damage to just do the first Dragon Punch (lp), followed by a Deep 2 hit Dragon Punch (lp).

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