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Capcom vs SNK/Orochi Iori

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Move List


Command Moves

Special Moves

Super Moves

The Basics


Corner c.HK, qcf + LP, s.HP XX qcf,hcb + PP

s.LP > s.LP > s.LP XX qcf,hcb + LP

s.LP > s.HP XX qcf,hcb + LP

Cross-up f + LK \/ c.LK > s.HP XX qcb + HP, qcb + HP, qcf,d,df + HP

Jump HK \/ c.LP > c.LK XX qcb + HP, qcb + HP, qcb + HP

Cross-up f + LK \/ s.LP > s.LP XX f,d,df + HP

Jump HP \/ s.HP XX qcb + HP, qcb + HP, qcb + HP

Jump HP \/ s.HP XX f,d,df + HP

Jump HK \/ s.HP XX hcb + K

qcf + LP, hcb + HK

EX Changes

CVS Pro Changes

  • Speed massively toned down, he's not much faster than regular Iori now.
  • Cannot combo into the deadly flower from LP or LK.
  • Easier to combo into his dragon punch super off of the second hit of the

deadly flower in the corner.