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Capcom vs SNK/Kyo

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Move List

n Wicked Chew: QCF+P

 - Nine Scars Maker: w.chew > QCF+P
 - Rusting Eight Combos: w.chew > HCB+P / s. maker > P
 - Seven Hurting Combos: s.maker/r.combos > K
 - Flashing Slash: r.combos > P

x Dark Thrust: QCF+P

 Fire Ball: DP+P

n R.E.D. Kick: RDP+K

x Spinning Kick: RDP+K

 Crescent Smash: HCB+K

x New Wave Smash: DP+K,(K)

 (hammer punch): ^D+2
 (overhead kick): F+3
 (double sweep): DF+4

n FINAL SHOWDOWN: DQCF+P (*any P/K after Level 1 Showdown for taunt)


Command Moves

Special Moves

Super Moves

The Basics


    (c.LP > c.LP > c.LK XX qcf,qcf + PP)
    (Jump HK \/ c.LK XX qcf,qcf + PP)
    (c.HK, qcb,hcf + PP, c.LK > c.LP > c.HP XX qcf + HP XX qcf + HP XX Press K)
    (Jump LK \/ qcb,hcf + P (hold P), (release P), qcf,qcf + P)
    (c.LK > c.LP > c.HP XX qcf + P XX qcf + P XX Press K)
    (Jump HK \/ c.LK > c.HP XX qcf + P XX qcf + P XX Press K)
    (c.HK XX qcb,hcf + PP (hold P), (release P))
    (Jump HK \/ s.HP XX qcf + P XX qcf + P XX Press K)
    (c.HK, qcb,hcf + LP, qcf,qcf + LP)
    (Jump HP \/ s.HP XX hcb + K)
    (Jump HP \/ s.HP XX f,d,df + HP)


(Jump HP \/ c.LK > c.LP > c.LK XX qcf + LK,LK \/ qcb,hcf + PP (hold P),(release P))

    (qcf + LP (f,f, d,uf) /\ Jump HK \/ c.LK XX qcf + LK,LK \/ qcb,hcf + PP
    (hold P), (release P))
    (Jump HK \/ c.LK > c.HP XX qcf + LK,LK \/ qcb,hcf + PP (hold P), (release P))

    (qcf + LP, hcb + LK, c.LK XX qcf + LK,LK \/ qcb,hcf + PP (hold P), (release P))
    (qcf + HK,HK \/ (hold f) c.HP XX qcf + LK,LK \/ qcb,hcf + PP (hold P), (release P))
    (qcf + HK,HK \/ (hold f) f,d,df + LP \/ qcb,hcf + PP (hold P), (release
    (qcf + HK,HK \/ qcf + LK,LK \/ qcb,hcf + PP (hold P), (release P))
    (Jump HP \/ c.LK XX qcb,hcf + PP (hold P), (release P))
    (Jump HP \/ c.LK > c.LK > c.LK XX b,d,db + HK)
    (c.HK XX qcb,hcf + PP (hold P), (release P))
    (Jump HP \/ s.LP > s.LK XX b,d,db + HK)
    (qcf + HK,HK \/ qcf + LK,LK \/ qcb,hcf + HP)
    (qcf + HK,HK \/ c.HP XX qcb,hcf + HP)
    (qcf + HK,HK \/ (hold f) c.HP XX b,d,db + HK)
    (qcf + HK,HK \/ (hold f) c.HP XX qcb,hcf + LP)
    (Jump HP \/ s.HP XX hcb + K)
    (Jump HP \/ s.HP XX f,d,df + HP)
    (qcf + LP, hcb + HK)

EX Changes

CVS Pro Changes

  • R.E.D kick performs differently, the HK version now travels in a shorter but

much higher ark. It's just as useless as ever, only use seems to be if you happen to do the move at the exact same time as the opponent jumps in (R.E.D. kick will go over the top of them, hit and knockdown).

  • Better priority and faster speed can be observed on the standing LP.
  • His crouching LK has less range than before, it will whiff if just Kyo's

white shoes overlap your opponents sprite (his pants have to overlap for the hit to connect).

  • The second hit of his alternate wicked chew 3 hit mixup combo (done with a

reverse motion where Kyo uses his elbow as an overhead) comes out faster. It also has better recovery if you do not follow it up with the ground punch.

  • More priority against air attacks with the first hit of his wicked chew

(especially the FP version), less priority against ground attacks it seems.

  • His Fireball (aka Dragon Punch move) often whiffs if used as an anti air

against opponent who don't attack...especially the FP version. Weird. It does however, knock down on the first hit meaning that Kyo is not punished if the second hit whiffs.

  • (EX mode) He can no longer combo into his LK New Wave Smash (two kick

launcher) off of crouching LK.

  • When juggling with the level 3/MAX serpent wave, the opponent flies higher

after the first three hits and the second part comes out much faster, after the inital three hits you have to hold the button down a little longer than you used to for the last three hits to connect.

  • You can combo into the serpent wave in a few new ways if you do NOT hold down

the button after executing it: try (Jump towards) FP, standing FP (cancel) --> Level 3/MAX Serpent Wave...or with EX mode try (Jump towards) HK, standing FP (cancel) --> New Wave Smash 2 hits (use LK version) --> Level 3/MAX Serpent Wave for a mid air juggle.