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Capcom vs SNK/Kim

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Move List

x Sand Blaster: VC+P

Crescent Moon SliceĀ : QCB+K

Flying Kick: ^QCF+K

n Flying Slice: VC+K (double: VC+4,D+4)

Conquest Kick: D-D+K

(overhead kick): F+4

n (stance switch):(4/F+4),C ((B/F)+1: high kick/2: overhead/3: high kick)





Command Moves

Special Moves

Super Moves

The Basics


    (Cross-up HK \/ c.LK > c.LK > c.LP XX qcb,db,f + KK)
    (Jump HK \/ s.HP XX qcb,db,f + KK)
    (Jump HP XX qcf,hcb + KK)
    (Jump HK (charge d) \/ c.LP > c.LK XX u + HK XX d + HK)
    (Jump HK \/ c.LK > c.LP > c.HK)


    (Cross-up HK \/ c.LK > c.LK > c.LP XX qcb,db,f + KK)
    (Jump HK \/ s.HP XX qcb,db,f + KK)
    (Cross-up HK \/ c.LP > c.LK XX qcf,qcf + HK, qcb,db,f + LK)
    (Jump HK \/ s.LK XX qcf,qcf + HK, qcb,db,f + LK)

    (Jump HK \/ qcf,qcf + K, qcb,db,f + K)
    (Cross-up HK \/ c.LK > c.LK > c.LP > c.HK XX u + HP)
    (Cross-up HK (charge d) \/ c.LP > s.LK XX u + HP)
    (Cross-HK \/ s.LK XX qcf,qcf + HK, qcf,qcf + LK (charge d), u + HP)
    (Jump HK \/ c.LK > c.LP > c.HK)

EX Changes

CVS Pro Changes

  • He can now combo into his footstomp (down, down, short kick) off of his normal crouncing LP or LK or even the first hit of his in close standing FP. In

EX mode, this makes for some very stylish combos such as (Jump towards) HK, crouching LK (cancel) --> footstomp (cancel) --> Phoenix Flattener!

  • (EX mode) His kick launching super (Phoenix Tornado Kick) takes off a LOT less life than it used to, tho it does retain the ability to juggle after a

level 2 or even a level 3/MAX with the level 1 Phoenix Flattener for decent life.

  • Lowered priority on his level 1 Phoenix Flattener. It will trade hits a lot more than it used to.
  • Kim's Hangetsuzan hits "higher" now; it feels a bit like the KoF version.

This means it's harder to do stuff like Cannon Spike him out of it after he buffers it from a Roundhouse sweep... (found by bellreisa at forums).

  • Less priority on his footstop when used on it's own, it hits slightly different now and doesn't seem to "pound the ground" as forcefully as it used

to (found by Laicram at