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Capcom vs SNK/Iori

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Move List

Dark Thrust: QCF+P

Fire Ball: DP+P

n Dust Gale: HCB-F+P

Deadly Flower: QCB+P,(QCB+P,QCB+P)

Dark Crescent Slice: HCB+K

(chop kick): F+3

(back kick): ^B+3





Command Moves

Special Moves

Super Moves

The Basics


    (qcb,hcf + P, s.HP XX qcf,hcb + P)
    (qcb,hcf + LP, s.HP XX qcf,hcb + HP)
    (c.HK, qcf + LP, s.HP XX qcf,hcb + PP)
    (hcb,f + P, c.LP > c.LK XX qcf,hcb + LP)
    (s.LP > s.LP > s.LP XX qcf,hcb + LP)
    (s.LP > s.HP XX qcf,hcb + LP)
    (Jump HK \/ c.LP > c.LK XX qcb + HP, qcb + HP, qcb + HP)
    (Cross-up f + LK \/ s.LP > s.LP XX f,d,df + HP)
    (Jump HP \/ s.HP XX qcb + HP, qcb + HP, qcb + HP)
    (hcb,f + P, s.HP XX qcb + HP, qcb + HP, qcb + HP)
    (Jump HP \/ s.HP XX f,d,df + HP)
    (Jump HK \/ s.HP XX hcb + K)
    (qcf + LP, hcb + HK)

EX Changes

CVS Pro Changes

  • Can no longer combo into his Deadly Flower from LP and LK, only FP.
  • Much Improved priority on his Fireball (aka Dragon Punch move). The first hit

of the fierce version knocks down so that Iori is not left vulnerable if it doesn't get all the hits.

  • Faster special throw...still a bitch to combo after though and it still has

pitiful range :(

  • Wine Cups super comes out closer together, and doesn't allow Iori as much

time to charge his SNK bar when blocked (can still link from a MAX wine cups into his MAX Maiden Masher if it hits from a distance).

  • Dark thrust recovery seems a bit better.
  • Much harder to combo off of his crossup, doesn't seem to "pull" your opponent

towards you after a hit as much as it used to.