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Capcom vs SNK/Guile

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Move List

 Sonic Boom: HC+P
 Somersault Kick: VC+K
 (back fist): F+2

n Rolling Sobat: B/F+3

x (inverted kick): B/F+4 close




Command Moves

Special Moves

Super Moves

The Basics


    (Cross-up LK (charge db) \/ c.LP > c.LP > c.LK XX df,db,uf + K (charge db)
    \/ df,db,uf + K)
    (Charge b,f + LP (f,f, d,uf) /\ Jump HP (charge b) \/ s.HP XX f,b,f + P
    (charge db), df,db,uf + K (charge db), df,db,uf + K)
    (Charge b,f + LP (charge db), (LP + LK) c.LP > c.LP > c.LK XX df,db,uf +
    HK (charge db) \/ df,db,uf + LK)
    (Charge b,f + LP (f,f, d,uf) /\ Jump HP (charge b) \/ s.LP XX f + P, c.LP
    > c.LP XX u + HK)
    (Jump HP (charge d) \/ c.LK > c.LP XX u + HK)
    ((charge db) c.LP XX f + P)

EX Changes

CVS Pro Changes

  • Juggle combos in the corner have changed somewhat. It's still possible to juggle a level 1 rush punch super into the level 2 somersault kick super, but is no longer possible to just juggle levels ones over and over again in SNK.
  • His sonic boom has a much longer delay than before.
  • His LK somersault kick has lowered priority above him, it is very possible to

knock him out of it with crossups or attacks that land on top of Guile.