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Bushido Blade 2

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Bushido Blade 2 is a 3D fighting game developed by Lightweight and published by Squaresoft for the Playstation. The control scheme and fighting system have been completely overhauled from the first game and it is now less random and worthy of much more serious competitive play.



The game uses a standard Playstation controller.

  • D-pad: Move character
  • Left Stick: No use
  • Right Stick: No use
  • Square: Change Stance
  • X: Horizontal Attack
  • Circle: Vertical Attack
  • Triangle: No use
  • L1: Free run
  • L2: No use
  • R1: Hop
  • R2: Crouch
  • Start: Pause
  • Select: Surrender


The movement in this game is standard for most 3D fighters.

  • Towards and Back moves towards and away from the opponent. Up sidesteps into the background, Down sidesteps into the foreground.
  • Double tapping any direction dashes in that direction. Dashing is a good way to cover ground quickly also to dodge the opponents attacks.
  • Hold L1 while pressing any direction to free run.
  • R2 causes you to crouch momentarily. While crouched you can high jump, use subweapons, or use the sand attack. Pressing towards then R2 causes you to crouch while moving forward. During this forward crouch you can perform Major Attacks or a high jump forward.
  • R1 makes your character do a little hop and a quick attack above their head. If timed well you can hit someone jumping over you.
  • Press R1 while your opponent is down to do a pounce attack.
  • Press R1 while crouching to high jump, pressing it while crouching forward to high jump forward.
  • You can also climb up to a higher level when standing next to a wall by pressing towards it and R1.
  • When you are lying on the ground press up or down to roll into the background or foreground. Towards and Back to roll forward or backwards and then stand up. Press an attack button during the roll to do a rising attack as soon as the roll is finished.


Every weapon has three stances,use Square to cycle through them. Most generally fall into the categories of High, Mid, and Low.

  • High stances tend to be more offensive, have a higher center of gravity, with the weapon held over the head.
  • Mid stances are usually more balanced, with the weapon held in front of the character.
  • Low stances generally are more defensive, are lower to the ground, and have the weapon pointed down, or behind the character.
  • Two Sword Stance is only available to the Narukagami characters who have a kodachi as a subweapon with the exception of Highwayman on the Shainto side. Specifically: Tatsumi, Utsusemi, Matsumushi
  • Iai Stance can only be used by certain Shainto members and only with the Katana or Longsword. Specifically: Gengoro, Kaun, Tony Umeda Attacks in this stance have quick startup and long recovery.


Counter Attacks

If the opponent's weapon clashes with yours press X to do a counter attack. There are four different animations depending on the direction your weapon is deflected.

Repeated Attacks

If your weapon clashes with the opponent's press Circle to do a repeated attack.


Press back, then X when an opponent is nearby. Typically performs an instant kill, but is only possible with certain character/weapon combinations.

Major Attacks

Press Towards+R2 to crouch forward, then press Circle or X.


Press Circle while crouching. Most subweapons are not fatal but cause stagger on hit, some however, will kill the opponent. Subweapons can be blocked using either attack button. After being thrown stand over them and crouch to pick them back up. You can pick up your opponents subweapons and throw them back or hold on to them so they can't use them. If your arm is injured you cannot throw or pick up subweapons.

Sand Attack

Press X while crouching. The range is shorter than most subweapons but causes the same stagger, cannot be blocked, and can be used repeatedly. You must be standing on a natural surface otherwise your character will do the animation without throwing anything. If your arm is injured you cannot perform a sand attack.

Pounce Attacks

Press R1 when your opponent is lying on the ground. Your character will jump high into the air and stab the opponent. If you do it quickly enough it can be useful. Generally the opponent has plenty of time to see it coming and roll out of the way. The Yari amd Naginata have a short jumping spin which is difficult to get a fatal blow with, but knock the opponent back down.


To defend against an attack press either attack button just before your opponents attack connects. It is roughly similar to parry timing in Third Strike. There are two different types of blocking

  • A Perfect Defense occurs when you press the opposite attack button than your opponent, shown by a white hit spark.
  • A Poor Defense happens when you press the same attack button as your opponent, shown by a green hit spark.


Spacing is extremely important in this game.