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Bridget (GGXX)

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Born in a village in England where birth of twins of the same gender is considered bad luck and demanded one of the twins either be sacrificed or exiled.With his parents being unwilling to lose one of their children instead decided raise him as a girl so they could hide him from the society he was bound to live with. Believing if he could leave and come back with enough money Then perhaps his village won't believe in their superstitions anymore.If luck would have it. He hears about a bounty for a Gear in the forest of demons, and takes up becoming a bounty hunter.


Throw Moves

Command Moves

Special Moves

qcf+K: Kickstart My Heart
Punch(During Kickstart My Heart): Stop
Kick(During Kickstart My Heart): Kickstart My Heart Discharge
dp+P(Can also be done in air): Starship
Heavy Slash(Can also be done in air): Yo-Yo Extend
Heavy Slash(During Yo-Yo Extend/Can also be done in air): Yo-Yo Recall
dp+Heavy Slash(During Yo-Yo Extend): Roger Hug
qcf+Heavy Slash(During Yo-Yo Extend): Roger Rush
rdp+Heavy Slash(During Yo-Yo Extend/Can also be done in air): Roger Get


hcb, f+Light Slash: Loop The Loop
hcf, hcf+Light Slash: Tragedy Maintenance
hcb, f+Heavy Slash(During Yo-Yo Extend or while hitting with Roger Hug): Me and My Killing Machine


Punch, Kick, Light Slash, Heavy Slash, qcf, qcf+Heavy Slash: Shoot The Moon






Advanced Strategies