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Wait, why is there a Breakers Revenge and a Breakers Revenge Extra?

The base game, Breakers Revenge, is the one most people play, but the Neo Geo CD for Breakers received an exclusive mode known as Extra Mode. Breakers Revenge only has an arcade release but the gameplay changes are accessible through a rom hack.

The changes this introduces an extended combo system, adds a push block and Combo Breaker (pun not intended). There are several other changes, such as hard knockdowns being removed and forced Draw Games. It's basically taking Breakers and effectively removing rules from the base game. It's both funny and infuriating, so it's definitely worth a look if you like the base game. See Extra Mode for more info.

How do most people play this game?

Breakers Revenge is primarily played on Fightcade 2, Fightcade is a matchmaking platform for retro gaming, bundled with different emulators for seamless online play. Fightcade is a free application that can be downloaded from the official Fightcade site.

I heard this game has random damage?

Damage is not random, it is based on duration of time between hits (unofficially known as the Risk System). There are also Guts style defense modifiers and increased attack at low health. See System for more.


How do I access training mode?

If you are emulating the arcade version on Fightcade 2 you can download the fbneo-training-mode scripts developed by Fee Bee and peon2 which includes full support for Breakers Revenge and the Extra Mode hack to turn your offline play session into a training mode.

  1. Unzip the files to their own folder
  2. In the emulator, go to "Game -> Lua Scripting -> New Lua Script Window"
  3. Browse in the newly unzipped folder and open up "fbneo-training-mode.lua"
  4. Click Run
  5. Enter a 2 player versus game to begin.

How to turn off training mode hitboxes

The current hitboxes for Breakers Revenge training mode have very noticeable slowdown. To remove hitboxes, run the script after character select. All other features will still be available.

Tier list

Current Tier list

List is ordered. Best goes left to right.

S Tier

  • Bai-Hu

A Tier

  • Sho, Saizo, Tia

B Tier

  • Dao Long, Rila

C Tier

  • Pielle, Condor, Maherl, Alsion III

Tier List Explanation

Due to a small community, most characters haven't been pushed as far as they could be. But it is at least generally agreed that Saizo, Sho, Tia, Dao are top 4 in some order.

S Tier

  • Bai-Hu - Boss character, banned in competitive play.

A Tier - Has all of the tools

  • Sho - Has an air fireball super, a run, a divekick, a good breaker, can jump out of dash. Overall very strong and flexible. Good matchup against Saizo.
  • Saizo - Strongest projectile game. Excellent range on his moves. Can jump out of dash. Hardest to stun. Weak breaker game without meter. Good matchup against Tia.
  • Tia - Amazing rushdown and mobility. Great breakers. Can jump out of dash. Lots of projectile invincibility. Good matchup against Sho.

B Tier - Has a couple weaknesses but strengths to make up for it

  • Dao Long - Great projectiles. Really good normals. Can guard out of his long, fast dash.
  • Rila - Unorthodox character with a quick jump and hopping dash. Does big damage and has strong anti-fireball tools.

C Tier - Has serious weaknesses

  • Pielle - Good range, can jump out of dash but his special moves are all pretty bad. Weak breaker game without meter. Low tier hero.
  • Condor - No dash means he struggles to approach without risk. Strong pokes priority and command grabs. Weak breaker game without meter.
  • Maherl - Lacking a real projectile and inability to cancel dash really hurt him. Weak breaker game without meter. Has some good pokes and tricks but mostly bad matchups.
  • Alsion III - Slow movement and he cannot breaker backdash. He has the worst health and stun in the game. Weak breaker game without meter.

Older Tier lists

2014 tier list

This is an ordered tier list, with the best first and the worst last. The order of the D tier is iffy.

Boss Tier

  • Bai-Hu

A Tier

  • Sho

B Tier

  • Saizo
  • Tia
  • Rila
  • Condor

C Tier

  • Dao Long

D Tier

  • Pielle
  • Maherl
  • Alsion III

Tier List Explanation

Boss Tier

  • Bai-Hu - All of his moves are button combinations, do a crapload of damage, he has a fireball that can combo into itself and a ridiculous amount of invulnerable moves and easily comboable supers. Best guy in the game! But not tournament legal!

A Tier

  • Sho - Sho does a lot of damage, can combo off of nearly every hit into a super or a special, and can control huge amounts of the screen with his normals. He is one of the safest characters to be airborne with because of his whiff-cancelable j.B (j.B xx Fireball Super at any time during his jump arc). He can run away with the threat of attacks via his divekick, which can beat anti-airs if timed correctly and is also whiff-cancelable into super. Sho will always have options to do a mixup off a knockdown. He also has great matchups especially against the lower tiers.

B Tier

  • Saizo - Saizo has knives and they cut through fireballs and do a lot of chip damage. Saizo can roll most characters without good reversals and breakers. He can convert most of his pokes and anti-airs into damage via combo into super. His pokes do a ton of damage and have excellent priority as well.
  • Tia - Tia has awesome mixups and great damage off them. She can repeatedly dash in with cr.A and st.A's to pressure and mixup into throw, but if it hits she can do huge damage by comboing into st.C xx LP+HP (1-hit) xx Rising Upper. Her cr.B combos into itself and to LP+HP (1-hit) xx Rising Upper as well making her cr.B lead to 30% damage. With super bar, she has guaranteed supers off of anti-airs, air-to-air attacks, crossups, and pokes. She also has a great fireball, but it's really just icing on the cake.
  • Rila - Rila does a ton of damage and has awesome pokes. Her HK Pounce attack combos into super, and HK pounce has a ton of priority and utility (it goes over fireballs and crouching normals, and just a lot of crap in general). Her cr.C can absolutely destroy some characters, making them unable to get within a certain range of Rila. On top of all this, her Dash Punches are both excellent, with her LP version being nearly unpunishable and the HP version doing insane amounts of damage. If she lands a jump-in with her incredibly fast jumps, she can do huge damage from simple combos. And, to top it all off, her LK Upkicks are a great anti-air and reversal.
  • Condor - Condor has Tamahoo and an SPD. SPD is a great breaker and Tamahoo leads to massive damage. His supers are both awesome solo and Tamahoo Super is simple to combo into. Condor has surprising mobility for a grab character, but he still gets wrecked by characters that excel in zoning, making him bottom of the B Tier.

C Tier

  • Dao-Long - Dao-Long's placement in a tier by himself is due to him not having the mixups or priority of the B tier but still having much more comboability than the D tier. He can combo into super very easily, from air-to-air and ground normals. His anti-air leaves much to be desired, and his fireball recovery is horrible. His dash and backdash are atrocious, and he isn't anywhere near as mobile as the B or A tier.

D Tier

  • Pielle - Pielle actually has mixup, good damage when he hits, and a good breaker/reversal in Thunder Riser, but he simply doesn't have good priority, a good anti-air, and he has awful specials outside of rekkas.
  • Maherl - Maherl doesn't really have too much mixup outside of crossups and limited combo options. All he has is ground priority and good supers. Genie Super is a good reversal and breaker, and his Balloon Grab is a great breaker and occasional mixup. Sword Super can be juggled into in a variety of situations, but it does bad damage. He can combo it off of a cr.C or but he does similar damage comboing into Fire Spit (HP version). His dash is the worst in the game, and he has awful mobility.
  • Alsion III - Teleport drop is punishable on block and during its animation. You can jump over Poison and hit Alsion in the face. He doesn't have much in the way of combos and relies on gimmicks to win. He has far too many holes when he tries to pressure, and although his normals are good, his specials are horrible. He has a good breaker attack but really he can't do much outside of gimmicks.

2010 tier list


  • Bai Hu


  • Sho Kamui
  • Saizo
  • Tia Langray

Mid High

  • Condor Heads
  • Rila


  • Dao-Long


  • Pielle Montario
  • Serge Maherl
  • Alsion III

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