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What is Extra Mode?

Breakers Extra is a mode included with the Neo Geo CD release of Breakers. Several massive gameplay changes were made to the system, drastically changing the gameplay.

Because Breakers Revenge was a arcade only release, Extra Mode is normally not available but a rom hack created by MountainManJed to port the changes over to Breakers Revenge. All gameplay changes have been confirmed by MountainManJed to be 100% intentional.

How do most people play this game?

Breakers Revenge Extra is primarily played on Fightcade 2, Fightcade is a matchmaking platform for retro gaming, bundled with different emulators for seamless online play. Fightcade is a free application that can be downloaded from the official Fightcade site.


Alternate color

Hold the Start button and press any button to select your character's 5th color. These are normally CPU only colors seen in Arcade mode during a mirror match.


  • Any 3 Buttons = During blocking, pushes the opponent half a screen away. You can mash the pushblock to push even further, much easier to do on heavy moves with longer blockstun.


  • Any 3 Buttons = Costs 1 Meter. While in hitstun (okay in Air), your character will flash and do an invincible flip-out, you are able to attack when the invincibility ends.

Knockdown state

Knockdown technically happens still but can be instantly cancelled out with a move, this even affects the flip-out state in the air before landing. Essentially any move that is a Breaker will cause your character to leave the knockdown state.

This has very large ramifications for gameplay. Not only do characters get up instantly on the ground but they can hit back in the air after normally safe moves. The animation of getting up does still have invincibility frames, should you ever manage to not get hit while waiting.


OTG limits are removed, any move that hits low enough will combo OTG and put the opponent in a juggle state.

Juggle limit

Juggle limits are removed. Previously Juggles were limited to Normal > Special > Super but now any move will continue to juggle. If the opponent doesn't press any buttons to cancel flip-out or use Burst out you can trivially juggle them forever.

Chain Combos

The combo system for Breakers Revenge has been changed to allow chaining of all moves in a priority order.

  • A > B > C > D
  • Normal > Command Normal > Special > Super > Throw

Chain must continue upwards in priority, preventing cancelling a move into the same move. However, button input priority can be combined with move type priority to allow multiple specials to chain as long as they use different buttons.

  • Command Grab Supers and throws can be cancelled into as part of a combo.
  • A+C Command Normal can be cancelled into B+D Command Normal but not the other way.
  • Normals, Specials, and Supers can be backdash cancelled.

Damage Scaling

Scaling and Risk work the same but moves do 12.5% lower damage across the board to account for longer combos.


After 4 hits, the next hit in the combo will put the opponent in a juggle state.

Post-KO Attack

After a KO, the defeated opponent a short amount of time to attack. During this time, neither player can use meter. If the winner is defeated before the announcer calls the round, the round will end in a draw. If a draw game is made at the final round, both players will lose the match.

The winner of the match is not completely helpless at this time, After recovering from a hit, the winner of the match can fight back, allow the designated winner to keep a life lead for the round call. The winner can also perform time wasting measures like supers, throws or long combos to run out the clock for the post-round call.

Known Bugs

  • Tia's taunt can crash the game.
  • If you can Burst on the frame you would've died, you can cancel your death from being counted in the first place. Death audio will still trigger but play continues.


Tips and Tricks

  • Use backdash to get out of ground knockdown to avoid being hit by a otg combo
  • Pushblock is your best friend
  • If available, cancelling into air throw at the end of combos can keep enders safe

Alsion III

  • Cannot Dash Cancel
  • Special series: Dash Knee > Poison Fog > Deadly Claw. Alsion can do very long special chains!
  • Multiple Air specials and an air throw give Alsion III a huge boost in Extra mode.
  • His AC and BD overheads are now confirmable into big damage.
  • Alsion's low mobility makes things difficult and Pushblock makes matters worse for him.


  • Can Dash Cancel Normals
  • Special Series: does not seem to have one
  • AC Special cancels into supers
  • Gets great benefit out of his C cancelling because the projectiles keep going


  • No dash, so he cannot Dash Cancel
  • Special series: Tomahawk > Grand Buffalo Horn > Sky Bridge > Moonlight Slam.


  • Can chain supers
  • Special series: either special can cancel into the other.
  • Due to having to charge he can be quite limited


  • Normals cancel into Forward Dash
  • Special series: Sword > Fire > Balloon
  • Dash cancel after fire special
  • Balloon can cancel into his Throws or Rolling Press super


  • Special series: Robin Runner > Rose Train > Monsieur Crash > Bonjour Shot
  • Dash cancel after most specials
  • Air cancel normals into Merci 1,2,3 is a strong option
  • Cancelling multiple Rose Trains into Super Rose is very annoying


  • Normals cancel into Forward Dash
  • Special series: Quick Uppercut > Wild Saber. (more testing may be needed)
  • Cancelling into supers out of Spinning Claw is hilarious


  • Special series: Yashagami > Engetsuzan > Hiryu
  • Dash Cancel Yashagami and Engetsuzan
  • Can chain supers
  • His overhead BD attack chains into his 2BD slide for a quick high/low.
  • Smokebomb will start a juggle, follow up with Kunai.
  • Fire super does way more hits than normal.
  • His autocombo super tends to do low damage due to Auto-Launch, juggle causes hits to whiff.


  • Special series: Only cancel found is Shippu Seiken > Kurenai/Rankiryu. This opens up some extended damage routes.
  • Can Dash Cancel his Shippu Seiken


  • Special series: Soul Spike > Rising Uppercut > Rapid Gale.
  • She can actually do 3 Soul Spikes by doing B, D, and then an air version.
  • Dash Cancel all specials but Rapid Gale
  • Always end Burning Revolver in a throw to keep it safe.

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