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Bloody Roar 3/Shina

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Shina (Marvel) is a well rounded powerfull character somewhat comparable to Gado with less power but more speed, she has a good set of normals and some great command moves, her basic BnBs deal large amounts of damage and her pressure game is decent, she has a few traps and mixups she can use to help sucsessfully land launchers for high damage air combos. Shina like Busuzima has a hidden 3rd beast drive off her command throw.


(ac) K > 6B > 66B xx 214B xN

Air Cancel loop this can be repeated about 3 or 4 times and can be ended with 236B for some extra damage, deals huge damage, is the backbone of Shina's game and can be started from many moves. your opponent will learn to fear this

2K (ch) > 236P > ac loop

Great way to start the AC loop

6PP xx 236P

Standard human combo, hits mid and quite safe