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Bloody Roar 3/Alice

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Alice is a great character who can excel at both rush down and keep away she has a good selection of low and mid attacks to keep her opponent guessing as well as a lot of cross-up and mix-up potential, while in beast form Alice has the highest jump in the game and can take advantage of this in her air combos or when trying to escape. Alice's only real weakness is her low defence rating.


66B(ch) or 236B > (ac) > PKPB >

ends in a relaunch can be repeated or mixed up with an air throw or dash under into whatever

66B(ch) or 236B > (ac) > PKP > PPP6P > BBB6B xx 236B (ac) 2+P+K.

Huge damage wall combo


Abuse the hell out of her 2K and fish for CH's with 6B that will let you land damaging air combos.