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Bloody Roar: Primal Fury/Alice

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Alice is a highly versatile character with tools for almost every situation. She can play keep away or rush down extremely well, she has great mobility both her dash and walk speed are fast, her dash covers a lot of distance, and she has one of the best jumps in the game as well as various other mobility tools such as sways and slides. her normals have good range and she excels at low/mid rushes and frame traps. While in hyper form, her damage is devastating thanks to her trait Power Legs which makes all her kicks deal significantly increased damage and guard break. To play Alice effectively, you need to learn every option she has for each situation. Because of this and the fact she has some of the highest execution requirements in the game, particularly with her instant while running B combos, Alice requires a lot of time to learn.


  • Can play both keep away and rushdown effectively
  • Very good mobility
  • Great jump
  • Strong frame traps
  • Amazing low/mid mixups
  • Very high damage in hyper


  • Below average recovery and defense stats
  • Some attacks lose a tiny bit of range when in beast
  • Her BnB combos require a lot of execution


HMN 100% 0.74 N/A 650
BST 133% 0.91 22 650
HYP 133% 0.91 22 650

Ability Plus

Power Legs : Increased damage and guard breaks on all kicks, damage bonus is about 40-50%.

Consecutive Hit (air) : All attacks have increased hitstun against airborne opponents, hitstun decay still applies.

Combo List

Human Form

   K, P xx 236K
   (6K) 2K, 2P xx 236P
   236G dash 236G
   236G, 66K 

Beast Form

   8B, back turn 2B, Backthrow
   (CH) 236B (AC) delayed j.6B, instant running B (AC) j.6B, 66P, 3K,K,1B 
   (CH) 236B (AC) delayed j.6B, instant running B xx 2362369B 

Hyper Form

   **Same as Beast Form**

Command List :


Alice's main goals is to rush people down with her low/mid mixups, fish for 236B counter hits that lead into heavy damage combos or keep people out with her strong pokes and great mobility.

P,P - Basic poke string, its fast, naturally combos and has quite a lot of push back on hit so its good in conjunction with 2P,2K to keep people out. P, 6P is a decent string follow up it wont naturally combo but it hits mid and the last hit is a cancel point.

8P - Has better range than it looks thanks to its amazing hitbox, comes out in 9 frames and has a lot of active frames.

2P,2K - Great poke and effective at walling people out, another kick can be added on the end to keep people guessing, has good range and low profiles a lot of stuff.

3K,K - Another good low hitting poke that naturally combos in beast, has a low or mid follow up, low follow up hits OTG for extra damage.

(AC)6B - High priority aerial move, hit box lasts until character lands.