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Bash (RBFF2)

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Franco Bash is the enormous, muscle-bound, screaming, beer-chugging Italian Western kickboxer. Despite his huge size, Franco is extremely fast, able to keep up with some of the fastest characters in the game.

His range is matched by only a handful of other characters and he has an amazing array of normals and specials. Something else that unusual about Bash is that he has among the sickest mixup games in any fighter. It's absolute high-low madness, and he's a pro and keeping people off-balance. It's only a matter of time before Franco finds a chip in the armor of a turtler and rips it open. Also, because many of his specials keeps the opponent on their feet, there's no breather that comes with a knockdown for the opponent to plan their next attack.

However, Bash is not without his weaknesses. His huge size can be a liability at times (such as not being able to duck under Krauser’s high Blitz Balls), which also makes for a problem against characters with better pokes than him (Billy, Yamazaki, Laurence, for example). His defense isn’t the greatest either. His Sucker Punch is probably the shortest-ranged move in the game, so you can't rely on it. His most effective defensive move is the Gut's Dunk, however while it has decent priority, it has very little invincibility: which means that you’ll likely have to trade hits in order to go back onto the offensive (where Franco excels).

Moves List

Normal Moves

Command Normals

Slipping Jab (df + A during a dash) - Franco performs far A jab while sliding forward. When performed late in a dash, it has nearly the range of a Barom Punch and it's also bufferable into specials and supers. I discovered it by accident in a match one day and though I haven't used it much yet, it could be very useful tool for opening Franco's mindgames.

Sucker Punch (A + B) - Franco's sidestep attack. Argueably the worst one in the game due to it's awful range. Though it has a bit of invincibility at startup and is bufferable into specials and supers, it's total lack of range makes this thing the worst move Franco has.

Rising Upper (C when waking up) - Franco leaps to his feet with a quick uppercut that knocks down on hit. Though fast, it doesn't have great priority, practically no invincibility, and isn't bufferable into anything. Other than a once-in-a-blue-moon sneak attack when the opponent's on your toes, you're better off using something else.

Chopping Kick (f + B) [Kara-Cancellable] - Franco performs a crushing roundhouse to the ribs that sends the opponent into the backplane. Though it's not all that fast, it has a good bit of range and sets up some of his more damaging combos when combo into the D. It's also cancellable into any special just as long as it's done before the actual hitbox of the kick comes out.

Barom Punch (B + C) - While not technically a special, this command attack is one of Franco’s best moves. He charges across the screen in his version of a Juggernaut Punch that has excellent recovery. This is your #1 multi-purpose distance-closing / punisher / and general harassing attack. If you mange to hit with the last few frames of this punch, you’ll be able to combo from it. It’s an excellent and much needed move in his arsenal. You can also use it as a version of Rick's Divine Blast (qcb+C), which, in a lot of ways, is even superior!

Special Moves

Zapper (qcf + A) [Breakshot] - Franco’s projectile. He swings his fist at the ground and sends off a wave of energy (ala O. Chris’ Honoo) along the ground about ½ - ¾ screen range. Though it’s the longest ranged attack he has (aside from his dashing attacks: the Barom Punch, Golden Bomber & Megaton Uppercut) its startup and recovery leave a huge amount to be desired. Even using it to counter projectiles would put him at such a frame disadvantage as to make it worthless. To be honest, most of the time I forget that he has this move, although it could be useful as a one-in-a-blue-moon surprise attack.

Double Kong (qcb + A ) [Breakshot] [Overhead] - “DOUBLE KONNNNNNG!” The tried n’ true Double Kong has one of, if not the, best specials Franco has in his collection. He sweeps his firt along the ground and rises with a punch to the gut that leaves an aura of energy resembling his fist, then comes around with a pile-driving punch to the top of the head and crushes the aura fist of the first punch. While not as fast as it was in FF3 and RB1 (where if you blinked, you missed it) it is still extremely fast to have an overhead property. The first hit scrapes along the ground, often making people crouch on reaction, before getting crushed by the second hit which is an overhead. It’s fast enough to combo from any bufferable normal, even if the first hit misses. It also keeps him low to the ground, enabling him to get under attacks that he wouldn’t be able to normally. And it’s also very safe on block. You’ll be amazed at how often you’ll land this in a match.

Gut's Dunk (qcf, uf + K) [Breakshot] [Overhead] - “NOOOOOOOOOO!” Franco’s replacement to his old Power Bicycle kick (which was basically a juggle-able anti-air kick-version of a Waving Blow). Franco leaps up high into the air with his foot high above his head before coming down with a massive stomp that explodes when he lands. While it's somewhat effective as an anti-air, it has more minuses than pluses. It has fast startup, good priority, juggles from a launcher and Megaton Uppercut, knocks down on the first hit and is overhead on the way down. Now for the bad: it has very limited invincibility, meaning that you’ll most likely be trading hits (though 90% of the time, Franco will recover faster), and it the first hit misses, the 2nd hit will leave you open whether it hits or not, as it has a fair amount of recovery. That said, though, it’s Franco’s best anti-air and defensive move. Here’s hoping you won’t be forced into using it -too- often.

Golden Bomber (charge db 1 sec., f + C) [Breakshot] - “RAAAAAAAAAAA!” Franco’s most damaging special. Franco crouches down with his back turned before whipping around with an enormous hook trailing with golden stars. Best used as a breakshot, the down-back charge makes it tricky to combo into, though it’s possible. The startup is decent, but if this move whiffs or is blocked, you’re served up on a silver platter to eat a boatload of damage. It’s okay as a ranged punisher, but he has moves that are better suited for that. It’s been my experience that this move gets me into more trouble than anything else (especially when it comes out on accident).

Waving Blow (qcf + D) - “WAVING BLOOOOOW” Finally, after 4 different changes to this move, it truly shines. The Waving Blow is right up there with the Double Kong as being the best move in his arsenal. He swings with a fast hook to the face, then another crushing hook to the body that sends the opponent to the backplane. In addition having the 2nd fastest startup and fastest recovery of all his specials, this is the only special in the game that sends the opponent to the backplane! This is HUGE. Because it leaves the opponent in a very disadvantageous position if they get hit by it and forces them into a guessing game. Unless they’re smart (not to mention a bit lucky) they’re very likely to eat another combo, which you could end with another Waving Blow, which puts them -right- back where they started. It doesn’t have the -best- range, but that’s about the only downside to this devastating move.

Also, because of it's fast recovery, it's possible to trick the opponent into opening themselves up to an attack when they try to retaliate against a blocked Waving Blow (much in the same way Rick can trick opponents with a blocked Shooting Star).

Super Moves

[S-Power] Final Omega Shot (f, hcf + BC) [Breakshot] [Overhead] - “OOOOOOOHYEAH!” The one super Franco has that has remained mostly unchanged from its original form. Franco cocks back to downtown and delivers a massive overhead punch accompanied by a huge explosion. If you get the timing right, it’s possible to use this as an anti-air, although it does have a fair amount of startup. As started before, this move (while uncomboable) is a devastating overhead, and given Franco’s insane mixup games, you’ll be able to land it fairly consistently despite its lack of speed.

[S-Power] Megaton Uppercut (hcb + BC) - Franco is one of the very few characters in RB2 with two S-Powers. Sadly this one is the worse of the two, although it is possible (in some situations) to set up for truly devastating damage. Franco dashes forward with a hook to the face before dropping onto the ground and delivering a crazy-looking uppercut with a tornado-swirl of energy around his arm that launches the opponent off the screen. Despite its apparent speed, it doesn’t combo fully off of anything, and it’s blocked or whiff, Franco’s a dead man. However, if you -do- manage to land this move, you can juggle a Gut's Dunk / Armageddon Buster / and in certain situations, another Megaton Uppercut. Although it’s practically impossible to do in a real match, it is possible to infinite with the Megaton Uppercut (as long as it’s in the corner, and hits on the last couple frames). If this move was comboable, it’d be one of the best supers in the game, but as it is, it’s merely meh.

[P-Power] Armageddon Buster (f, hcf + C) - “ARMAGEDDON BUSTER!!” Another move that has changed in every game it has been in. Finally, in its 4th iteration, it’s a useful move. Franco crouches down, crosses his fists across his chest, as his eyes gain a sinister glow. His skin turns fiery red and rockets up with massive flex followed by a double-fisted hammer swing of an uppercut that results in an insta-dizzy. The move itself is pretty fast (fast enough to combo off most normals, even jabs), can juggle off a launcher and a Megaton Uppercut. You could even use it as an anti-air (though it’s a poor one), although the first hit will likely knock them away from the 2nd hit, which is the one that dizzies. The move itself doesn’t do that much damage, but you can easily put together something that makes it the most damaging P-Power in the game (especially if you use it as a setup for the Megaton Uppercut infinite).

The Basics

Franco's biggest strength lies in his offense. His offense / pressure / mixup game is insane. If you're proficient enough with Bash, you can have the opponent convinced that they can't block him.

Though he fights well anywhere, he excels when the opponent is in the corner. He has all the tools to put someone in the corner and keep them there.

If he's put onto the defensive, his options become far more limited. Aside from the Gut's Dunk, he doesn't have a surefire way to get back onto the offensive. In this case, his d + A, + B, and + C's are effective attacks to slip into openings. Particularly the d , A which is probably the fastest normal he has, and it has the added bonus of opening up all of his combos / mindgames.

Against those with great pokes (Yamazaki, Terry, etc), Franco's standing / crouching C's & Barom Punch are your best friends. Not only are they fast and have huge range, but they also have great priority.

Chains / Combos

Franco has, far and away, the most chain combos in the game, and unlike the rest of the cast, he can change them up (almost) at will. He also is able to switch in lows and overheads within his chains, and then in some situations, combo from the overhead. His best jump-ins are the jumping B (mostly for air to air), C (great for air to air and air to ground) and the hopping C.

It should also be noted that Franco (as well as everyone else in the game) can jump in with A / B xx C, as well as turn in mid-air with D.

Very important note! Every combo that begins with A can also begin with:

B d + B (low) or f + B xx D. (It's very hard, however, to combo the f + B after a jump-in.)

Directionals within parentheses are optional. Also, you can interrupt any chain early with a special or a super.

Here I'll attempt to list all the chains that he has.

  • (d) A A A xx Special / Super.
  • (d) A A B (low) xx S/S
  • (d) A A C (overhead) (Possible to start another combo after the overhead with d + A or d + B)
  • (d) A A d + C (low)
  • (d) A A df + C (launcher) xx S/S
  • (d) A C A xx S/S
  • (d) A C B (low) xx S/S
  • (d) A C C (overhead)
  • (d) A C d + C (low)
  • (d) A C df + C (launcher)
  • (d) A d + B (low) A xx S/S
  • (d) A d + B (low) B (low) xx S/S
  • (d) A d + B (low) C (overhead)
  • (d) A d + B (low) d + C (low)
  • (d) A d + B (low) df + C (launcher) xx S/S

I think that's all (15) of them, which in of itself is more than every other character in the game (even if you combined some of them), but if you factor in all the different openers and the fact he can end them all early by doing a special or a super it brings Franco's # of chain combos to well over 100! Madness, just pure madness!

With all of those chains, it's easy to see how a vicous high-low game can develop when you factor in the Double Kong and Final Omega Shot. It's pure high-low madness. Now an important note about Franco's mindgames, unless it's the Final Omega Shot, or an uncomboed Double Kong or Gut's Dunk, an overhead will never come before the 3rd hit. The first two hits are safe to block low, after that he has 3 low options and 4 overhead options, and that's in addition to other options such as the Waving Blow timing trick.

Of course, if you want to be totally rediculous with the mindgames, insert the f + AC fake every now and then, with that you can reset a chain and confuse them even further!

Advanced Strategy