Arcana Heart/Ohtsuchi

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Ohtsuchi “The Eternal Guard” (Arcane of Earth)

As steadfast as the clay from which he was made, Ohtsuchi has protected his followers for centuries. Maori’s family has prayed to him for generations, and he gladly repays the adoration.

This arcana is based around sheer strength and super armor. Its got very strong attacks, and the addition of super armor makes this arcana deadly for some characters

Passive Changes

  • When you charge 3[C] or 6[C], you have super armor added to the charged up portion
  • When you use 6D (regular, Homing cancel, AND guard cancel), you have a super armor shield around you the whole time (you can hold the D button as long as you like). However, the startup for it is slower than a normal 6D, so you cannot combo off of 2C into a quick jab like you would normally be able to. In addition, the guard cancel forward timing is a lot slower than normal, meaning you can get hit out of things that you would normally be able to guard cancel through easily. But once the super armor comes, it absorbs many attacks.

Command List

Special moves

Kaichimon - 41236D: (4200 dmg) A giant arm comes out and punches the opponent. Can be performed in the air.

  • This is one of the most damaging non-super attacks in the game. Combo's using this move generally do a lot of damage.

Kaname Ishi - 623D: (2200 dmg) A giant rock falls down from right in front of where you cast it.

  • If you hold 4, the rock will fall toward you a bit. If you dont hold any direction, it'll fall straight down, and if you hold 6, it'll fall toward the opponent. Whether you get hit or not, the rock will still drop.

Super moves

Kaichimon Mekkijin - 641236D: (6400 dmg) Gigantic Rock Punch. Can be performed in the air.

  • On hit, this will always slam the opponent into the wall. On block, it gives the same stun a fully charged 6[C] will give. It comes out really fast, so you can do this if your opponent is near a wall and get either a free combo if they block, or 6400 damage.

Kaichimon Sakkido - 236236D: (3000 dmg) A giant foot comes crashing down on the opponent. Cannot be blocked in the air.

  • This move, as said before, is unblockable in the air, and no matter where you are on the screen, as long as you're on the ground, this comes from above wherever the opponent is. You can hit the opponent on the ground for another free hit as well.

Ooharae Kotoba - 236ABC Super - Summon Otsuchi aka ANAL BEADS

(12000 dmg) Otsuchi goes underground and then comes up with the biggest punch ever.

  • He only comes up about 2/3 the screen away from whatever direction you're facing. On block, it shoots the opponent up similar to them getting hit with a fully charged 3[C]. On hit, it shoots the opponent up above the screen. There's only a few setups for this move, Kira's 623C in the air into it, or Liese's 214A+B air super into it, but if it does hit, it's gonna hurt.

Activation Changes

  • Super armor, but you are unable to block.