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Niptra “The Primeval Fish” (Arcana of Water)

Long ago, when the world was covered in water, a fish retained the memory of each of his past lives. Throughout the cycle of reincarnation, he became the largest and wisest fish in the seas. Eventually, his spirit was freed of the concept of a lifespan and become an Arcana. Bored with life, he has taken an interest in Kira’s plans for global domination, but he does not always do what she asks him to do.

The water arcana is focused around summoning water bubbles that allow for very strong rushdown because they have a good chance of messing up the opponent's combos, or essentially forcing a whiff because of them. It is also the only arcana to add a command throw.

Passive Changes

  • When you use 3[C] or 6[C], your opponent turns blue (both block and hit) and they fly slowly up or forward instead of the normal speed.

Command List

Special moves

Pluvia - 214D: Calls out a water bubble. Can be performed in the air.

  • This calls out a water bubble that stays out for a few seconds before disappearing. It floats around your character while they're out. If the opponent hits one of the water bubbles, then it acts as if the move whiffed and they cannot cancel it into another move. If you get hit while summoning a bubble, nothing comes out. You can have 3 on screen at a time. If you have 3 and try to summon another one, nothing comes out.
  • The main use for this arcana is these bubbles. You hit the opponent down, summon a bubble or two, then rush forward and have a few seconds where they can't really attack you without fear of their combo dropping from hitting a bubble, or worse, their combo dropping AND you punishing the "whiff".

Stilla - (While Water Bubble is out) 236D: Sets the water bubble right in front of you. Can be performed in the air.

  • This just sets a bubble in front of wherever you put it. The bubble does not follow you around anymore, and stays wherever you set it until it's either hit, goes away, or is used (see the next move). It lasts a LOT longer when it's set, but will still disappear after a while. You can set out any number of the bubbles (1, 2, or 3), and they all still count towards your 3 bubble limit, so if you have 3 set out sitting there stationary, if you try to summon another one, nothing will happen. The purpose of this is mainly for the next move.

Cataracta - (When you have bubbles set in place)623D: A vertical pillar of water comes and does about 7 hits wherever you set the bubble (or bubbles). Can be performed in the air.

  • When you do 623D, ALL the bubbles you have set out will turn into the pillars (and thus, are destroyed). This is honestly pretty useless. While it does a lot of chip damage, it's a 3 step process of Call out bubble -> Set Bubble -> Blow Bubble up. All with a time limit and while trying to still fight the opponent. It can be fun every once in a while for corner tricks and a one time lockdown, but overall, it's best to use your bubbles for rushing forward.

Super moves

Perpluvium - 214214D: Same as the Water Bubble special, but instead it calls out 3 bubbles.

  • The water bubbles are exactly the same, but it calls out 3 so its a lot more protection. In addition, like the normal, if you get hit while summoning them, nothing comes out.

Nitrum - 360 motion D: An unbreakable command grab that grabs the opponent, tosses them in a water bubble, and shoots them at the wall.

  • This is a really nice addition to the arcana. It gives ANY CHARACTER an unbreakable command grab. It doesn't do nearly as much as Kira's command grabs or anything, but for an unbreakable grab, it's very useful to give to characters who wouldn't normally have one.

Regnum - 236ABC Super - Summon Niptra

Your character stands around summoning Niptra, and when they stood long enough, Niptra comes and eats you. In this mode, the opponent slows down and stays slow until the timer at the bottom of the screen ends.

  • Very useless. Not only can the opponent block (tho its in slo mo) but they can even hit you or throw you. Considering they're slowed down, the timer is always going to be way too short. Avoid using unless you're just messing around.

Activation Changes

  • Your character does not take chip damage.