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Bhanri “The Warrior Queen” (Arcana of Lighting)

She was once celebrated queen of a war-torn land, who died protecting her people. Long after her death, her subjects continued to revere her, and her spirit was turned into an Arcana. She sees the same strength and selflessness in Saki, and after Bhrani rescued her from the Elemental world, she decided to grant Saki her powers.

This arcana is focused on the art of clashing moves. Clashing is a powerful technique that, when used correctly, can be in your favor.

Passive Changes

  • When you dash with 66, there are clash frames added to the dash.
  • When you charge 3C or 6C, all active frames of the move before it hits have clash frames.

Command List

Special moves

Tintreach - 236D: (2280 dmg) A lightning bolt comes down and hits the opponent. Can be performed in the air.

  • The character puts her hands out in front of her, and a lightning bolt comes down and hits the point where the opponent was standing when casted. Note that if the opponent moves, the lightning bolt will hit the point where the opponent was prior to moving.

Crioch - 623D: (3700 dmg) After a clash, if you do 623D, you will toss out a vertical lightning bolt that shoots the opponent at the wall. Can be performed in the air.

  • As said above, this move will only come out when you clash with the opponent. From when the clash happens to when you do the move, there are invincibility frames, so if your opponent is doing, say, 2A 5A and you clash the 2A, the 5A will go through you because you're invincible. You have to do the 623D pretty quickly after a clash, almost buffering it in when you're expecting it to clash. Very useful.

Super moves

Fearg Lorg - 236236D or 214214D: (5570 dmg) 3 Bolts of lightning come down one after the other either towards or away from your character starting with the opponents location. Can be performed in the air.

  • You can hold the D button to hold the super, but there's a limit as to how long you can hold it. If you do 214214D, the lightning bolts will always come toward your character, and 236236D are away from your character. If you get hit while charging these, the lightning still comes out. This is generally used after a knockdown in the corner and then pressuring the opponent and hitting them with a fully charged 3[C] and then releasing the lightning. It can also be used the middle of air combos to extend them a bit further as some combo videos may show.

Saighnean - 632146D: (6568 dmg) Your character stands in place and from the top of the screen, lightning circles around them.

  • The main use for this move is after a charged 3[C]. Normally you wouldn't get anything guaranteed because they can recover in the air before you get to them, but if you do charged 3[C] into this, its guaranteed damage. Or it can be used when you hit them with a 3C and have no homing to follow it up.

Stoirm - 236ABC Super - Summon Bhanri

(8000 damage) Bhanri appears on the screen and flies up as though she's about to shoot a ton of lightning down or something cool, but instead trips on her way up or something and falls headfirst on the opponent.

  • Pretty worthless except in combos. If you do it out of nowhere, not only will she not fall down if you get hit while she's going up, but even if you manage to summon it from far away, the opponent can just block. It only hits once, so you just block it and have nothing else to worry about. The only combos from it are from like, a fully charged 3[C] on HIT. So you need to combo into your fully charged launcher just to combo this super. You can combo after it, yes, but you have to be in the corner, and its pretty situational. Lightning is one of the best arcana's, so having a useless summon doesn't affect it, in my opinion.

Activation Changes

  • You get clashing added to your D in the air dashes.