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Anutpada “The Ancient Relic” (Arcana of Time)

Somehow, an ancient mechanical timepiece from a lost civilization acquired consciousness and free will. Anutpada lend its mastery over time and space to Kamui, so she can protect the balance between worlds.

The Time arcana is based around changing the properties on many normal techniques your character does and giving very situational moves. While the difficulty of use is high, and near impossible for some characters to use effectively, using it to it's full potential can be deadly in the right hands.

Passive Changes

  • When backdashing with 44 on the ground, if the opponent hits you during the backdash frames, instead of hitting you, they hit a "shadow" of you and they cannot cancel their move.
  • Holding down 6C or 3C will perform the move, but the "shadow" disappears and no move comes out. However, letting go of a button will make "shadow" appear and attack from where you held 6C or 3C at. If you get hit, your "shadow" disappears. The shadow 6C and 3C will NOT be unblockable in the air or break the opponent's guard like normal 6C and 3C's.
  • Instead of the normal 6D, when you do 6D, your character teleports across the screen. This allows many ground 6D combo's to fail, so beware as many characters have to change their B&B combo when using Time.

Command List

Special moves

Ribaku - 236D: (1200 dmg) A slow travelling fireball of sorts goes straight for a bit and then sits in place. Can be performed in the air.

  • After moving to the final spot, only then are the hit frames active. Pretty useless except in a couple situations that involve the time super.

Super moves

Mandala - 236236D: (1000 dmg) This move is a short range fireball that, if it hits the opponent, will cause tickmarks to go around them. Once all the tickmarks are gone, the opponent turns dark and freezes for a short period of time. During that period, they are vulnerable to your attacks, and as soon as they unfreeze, they will move as if they just got hit by whatever attack you were doing. Can be performed in the air.

  • If you freeze them when they're in a recovery state, such as RIGHT after they tech, then you cannot hit them with normal attacks because you wouldn't be able to anyways. However, you can still throw them. Also, if they are doing projectiles or have anything that's "theirs" on the screen, those also freeze when they do, and unfreeze when the opponent does. If you are in the middle of a combo and the opponent freezes, the combo meter keeps going up, as does the damage scaling, even though they are frozen. After this move HITS the opponent initially, damage is VERY highly scaled.

This move is essential to some characters time loops. The trick with this is to hit them with the super, then combo into about 3 ticks left, and then end the combo and reset the opponent. Even if they just sit there blocking, they will still get hit by the move while frozen. So you end the combo right, hit them so theyre in a neutral state just as they get frozen. Then you combo after that for a little back into the time super and repeat until the opponent is dead.

In addition, after the super hits, all damage is automatically scaled to 50% of the previous damage scaling %. So if the damage scaling was at 60% when you comboed into it, the next hit will be 30% of the normal damage it deals.

Samsara 236ABC Super - Summon Anutpada

Your character stands there for a bit and after a few seconds, then Anutpada shows in the background and freezes the opponent temporarily.

  • The length of time the opponent is frozen is based off of how much bar you have left, and there's a bar that shows up above your homing bar that says how much time left until they unfreeze. The frozen state is exactly the same as the frozen state from the 236236D super. While your character is charging up, they stand in place doing the motion that they do when they do an arcana attack. If they are hit during this, summoning Anutpada fails.

Activation Changes

  • Stops the round clock.