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  • Heart Aino (愛乃 はぁと, Aino Hāto?) (cv. Mikako Takahashi)

Heart is innocent and full of energy, with a smile that is simply contagious. Ever since she was small, animals have been drawn to her, and much to her mother’s dismay, she frequently brought stray cats and dogs home. Heart truly believes that love can solve any problem. Even though she means well, her desire to spread happiness sometimes causes her to get involved in other people’s problems at times when they’d rather be left alone.

Heart has always been able to see Arcana. In truth, this ability is pretty common in young children, but as adults tell them that "such-and-such” is not real, most of them begin to losing this ability. The ability to see beyond the physical world is directly linked to a person’s beliefs and imagination. When you stop believing in Elementals, you stop seeing them. Luckily for her, Heart’s mother always encouraged her to believe in them. Consequently, she has been able to interact with a vast number of Arcana. Her first (and her best friend among the Arcana) was Partinias. Because of her ability to get along with so many Arcana, Heart has been labeled as an extraordinarily rare Maiden by the Ministry of Elemental Affairs, which tries to keep a close eye on all matters related to the Elemental world where she sees something strange above the Tokyo skies and Heart decides to investigate up there.

Aino Heart is a shoto based character.

Move list


4/6A+D: (? dmg) Backflip

  • Heart throws the opponent behind her. Cannot follow-up.

5A+D: (? dmg) Launch Grab

  • Heart grabs the opponent and launches her into the air. If you follow-up the throw, the damage scaling automatically starts at 50%.

j.A+D: (? dmg) Air Backflip

  • Similar to her ground 4/6A+D throw, but she throws the opponent downward. Cannot follow-up.

Normal moves

2A: (? dmg) Low Kick (Can Jump Cancel)

  • Fast. Hits low. Basic combo starter.

2B: (? dmg) Longer Low Kick (Can Jump Cancel)

  • Slower than 2A but has less damage reduction if used to start a combo.

2C: (? dmg) Low Sweep (Knockdown)

  • Important in combos to knock the opponent off their feet. Can be cancelled into her specials and supers. It has a slow recovery and if the opponent bursts when the move is starting, she can usually punish Heart.

5A: (? dmg) Quick Jab (Can Jump Cancel)

  • Typical standing jab. Useful for winning a clash-war with an airborne opponent, e.g. after 5B clashes.

5B: (? dmg) Stronger Jab (Can Jump Cancel)

  • Great anti-air. During most of its start-up, it can clash with attacks that hit Heart high, such as most jump-in attacks. It can also clash with clashable projectiles.

5C: (? dmg) Long Fierce Punch (Can Jump Cancel)

  • Heart takes a step forward to punch the opponent. Used mainly in big-damage combos.

j.A: (? dmg) Jumping Elbow/Knee (Can Jump Cancel)

  • Fast air normal. Great for air-to-air clash wars and as an anti-air (jump towards them and do j.A).

j.B: (? dmg) Jumpkick (Can Jump Cancel)

  • Basic jumpkick. One of Heart's best moves for air cross-ups. Also one of her longest-reaching air normals.

j.C: (? dmg) Jumping... Pimp Smack?

  • Powerful air normal. Has deceptively-long horizontal reach.

Command Normals

6C: (uncharged - ? dmg, fully charged - ? dmg) Shoulder Charge (Chargeable, Wallslam)

  • Standard 6C: air-unblockable and sends the opponent into the wall on hit. A blocked fully-charged 6C will guardcrush the opponent, dealing no damage but sending them flying towards the wall. The opponent can "struggle-out" by wiggling the joystick back and forth, but if they hit the wall first, they cannot wall-tech (holding D during a wallslam) and you can follow-up with a combo. A good way to set up the air-unblockable is to hit the airborne opponent with some 5As first and if they are blocked, hit the opponent with 6C (uncharged).

3C: (uncharged - ? dmg, fully charged - ? dmg) Volleyball Launch (Chargeable, Launcher)

  • Standard 3C: same properties as 6C but without the wallslam. The air-unblockable setup using 5A works with 3C as well as 6C.

6B: (? dmg) Mid-Level Kick (Can Jump Cancel)

  • Clashes with mid and high attacks during most of its startup.

j.4B: (? dmg) Jumping Punch (Can Jump Cancel)

  • Looks like her 5B, but in the air. Used mainly in air combos.

j.2C: (? dmg) Jumping Downward-Smash

  • Hits the opponent down to the ground if they are airborne (or if you get a counter-hit on the ground... same applies for j.C). Useful for cross-ups and for finishing air combos.

Special Moves

Iron Fist Punch - 236A/B/C: (A version - ? dmg, B version - ? dmg, C version - ? dmg) Forward Lunge Punch

  • The A and B versions are used mainly in Heart's combos. The stronger the attack button, the longer Heart takes to "wind up" for the punch, and the farther the attack travels. The C version wallslams on hit.

Heartful Punch - 623A/B/C: (A version - ? dmg, B version - ? dmg, C version - ? dmg) Uppercut (Can be done in the air)

  • The properties of this move are very different depending on whether it is done on the ground or in the air. On the ground, it is a standard "dragon-punch" or uppercut, with (full?) invincibility during start-up (and on the first active frame?). The C version in particular has a long full invincibility period during all start-up frames and on the first active frame at least. Furthermore, the C version will not clash on its first active frame, so with the right timing, it is guaranteed to beat any non-invincible move clean. Lastly, if you homing cancel any version on hit, you will be unable to follow-up with a combo. However, you can cancel immediately into Heart's 623A+B super, allowing you to follow-up afterwards. You can also neutral homing cancel (5HC) to chase the opponent and grab them in the air when they tech.
  • In the air, the move changes drastically. It clashes with other attacks rather than beating them clean, it loses its invincibility (I think?), and you can homing cancel it to follow-up with more hits.
  • After any version of this attack -- ground or air -- if Heart does not homing cancel, she will fall to the ground and will not be able to move until after she lands. So this move is easy to punish if it whiffs.

Note: The startup of the ground version is air unblockable.

Ribbon Wing - 421A/B/C: (A version - ? dmg, B version - ? dmg, C version - ? dmg) Short-Range Projectile

  • A short-range projectile. Heart takes a small hop when she does this move, so it can travel over many low attacks. The C version can cross-up crouching opponents if done at point-blank range.

"Super" Kick - (In the air) j.214A/B/C: (A version - ? dmg, B version - ? dmg, C version - ? dmg) Vertical Divekick

  • Heart does a midair somersault into a near-vertical divekick. The stronger the attack button, the farther Heart travels during her flip. Can be used as a combo ender or as an ambiguous cross-up, however it always knocks the opponent down (even if they are standing) so it cannot be used to start combos. Heart has little to no recovery time upon landing, so you can almost immediately hit the opponent low with 2A.

Super Moves

Iron Fist Love Punch - 236A+B: (? dmg) Super Lunge Punch

  • A not-particularly-useful super. Has a very slow start-up for a super (10 frames), has no invincibility, deals less damage than 623A+B, and does not guarantee a follow-up. The only benefits it has over 623A+B are its longer range and the fact that it can be homing canceled on reaction if blocked. Also, this super wallslams on hit, so it may be more useful in rare situations, e.g. if the opponent is cornered and has no homing bars.

Note: The super is air-unblockable, can be used as a good combo ender if you have no homing, and can punish at long range due to it's speed and reach. It's actually pretty useful, but it's all situational.

Awesomely Heartful Punch - 623A+B: (clean hit on ground - ? dmg, clean hit in air - ? dmg) Super Uppercut (Can be done in the air)

  • Heart's most useful super. Has full invincibility until the first active frame (at least), and if the first active frame hits (i.e. a clean hit), then the entire super animation is invincible. The last hit launches the opponent and you can homing cancel immediately after to follow-up. You can also cancel the last hit with an Arcana super, such as Lightning 214214D.

Note: The "initial hit" is air unblockable.


Air Combo Ender:

  • j.A j.B j.4B -> jc j.B j.2C

Heart's basic air combo ender. As the name suggests, it's used to finish her combos and setup oki.

Basic Bread and Butter Combos

  • 2A 2B 2C > 236B > short delay > 623A+B > 5[HC] (hold D) > j.A j.B j.4B > dj.B dj.2C
damage: ???? (??%)

A relatively-easy one-homing, one-super combo. More damage in the air is possible.

  • 2A 2B 2C -> 236A -> HC6 5A 6B -> IAD j.A j.C -> dash 5C -> IAD j.A j.C -> dash 5C -> IAD j.A j.C -> dash 5A -> jc (Air Combo Ender)

Heart's signature IAD combo. Good dmg and, with the use of the air combo ender, sets up oki. This combo may be extended with the use of one homing stock by replacing the "dash 5A" with: dash 5C -> 236B -> HC6 6B -> IAD j.A j.C ... etc.

Note: This IAD combo is universal with the exception of rock and time arcanas.

Air Chase Combo:

  • (any launcher) -> 5[D] j.B j.4B j.C 623C -> 5[D] j.B j.C j.214C

This is a highly damaging combo that uses up a lot of homing depending on how many times you choose to do the "j.B j.4B j.C 623C -> 5[D]". As the name suggests, it's a series of hits that launch the opponent higher and higher as Heart chases after them. The best situation to go for this combo would be one where you manage to land a random air hit into 623C (e.g. j.A j.C 623C).

Frame Data

(All data taken from . 100% of the credit goes there.)


  • 4 Frames


  • 7 Frames


  • 14 Frames


  • 3 Frames


  • 8 Frames


  • 10 Frames


  • 4 Frames


  • 6 Frames


  • 10 Frames

Command Normals


  • Not charged: 12 Frames
  • Charged: 33 Frames


  • Not charged: 13 Frames
  • Charged: 27 Frames


  • 10 Frames


  • 6 Frames


  • 9 Frames

Special Moves

Iron Fist Punch - 236A/B/C:

  • 236A: 13 Frames
  • 236B: 18 Frames
  • 236C: 28 Frames

Heartful Punch - 623A/B/C: (Can be done in the air)

  • 623A: 3 Frames
  • 623B: 6 Frames
  • 623C: 8 Frames
  • j.623A in air: 2 Frames
  • j.623B in air: 5 Frames
  • j.623C in air: 7 Frames

Ribbon Wing - 421A/B/C:

  • 421A: 23 Frames
  • 421B: 30 Frames
  • 421C: 32 Frames

"Super" Kick - (In the air) j.421A/B/C:

  • 22 Frames

Super Moves

Iron Fist Love Punch - 236A+B:

  • Essentially 10 start-up frames.
  • 0 frames for the lights to dim, then 60 frames of the lights dimmed, then 10 frames before the active frames start.

Awesomely Heartful Punch - 623A+B: (Can be done in the air)

  • Essentially 5 start-up frames on the ground and 4 in the air.
  • 623A+B: 0 frames for the lights to dim, then 50 frames of the lights dimmed, then 5 frames before the active frames start.
  • j.623A+B in air: 0 frames for the lights to dim, then 50 frames of the lights dimmed, then 4 frames before the active frames start.