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Anarchy Reigns/Team Deathmatch

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Team Deathmatch is a game mode in Anarchy Reigns where two teams battle in order to get the most kills, though similar to regular Deathmatch, the teams make a significant change to the gameplay, making teamwork an important factor, and strategy a must have.


Team Deathmatch is one of the more basic game modes in Anarchy Reigns. In this game mode, players are put in two teams, and fight it out for the most kills. Like all other game modes, AI fill the spots if there aren't enough players. The game is over if a certain number of kills is reached, or time runs out. Players must use combos, items, and abilities to their advantage, but also, they use their teamwork to gain an advantage over the map and the opposition. Through strategy and correct ability usage, players must reach the target kill count and victory is theirs.