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Anarchy Reigns/Survival

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Survival is a small mode in terms of payer count, only 3 players are allowed in Survival and they mut work together to survive waves of enemies before time runs out. Survival also features a unique stage not found in any ther of the larger game modes. There are the the typical stages based in Altambra, Port Valenda, Hong Long and Bari Shur, the additional stage is simply known as Station, a stage only found in Tag Deathmatch/Deathmatch and as an arena for Cage Match which is called Subway.


Three players must join together and take on 10 waves of enemies, at the end of the final wave the players will encounter the stages boss and must defeat him in the remaining time they have in order to complete the survival. If two teammates are killed the remaining player will receive a warning that the team is on the verge of being eliminated, it is up to the last player to survive alone until their teammates have respawned. Survival is the best mode to use for quick experience points, allowing for a speedy run up to level 50.

Stage bosses

Beer Street: Two berserker mutants

Excavation Pit: Kraken

Jinlong Square: A variety of Gargoyle's

Ruins: Cthulu

Station: Cybrid bar-bot