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Anarchy Reigns/Big Bull

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Big Bull (ビッグ·ブル) (known as The Big Bull Crocker in MadWorld) is a cyborg combatant in Anarchy Reigns. He was previously a killseeker in the DeathWatch Games on ShockTV 86. Big Bull was defeated by Jack multiple times throughout the entirety of the Games. Their final encounter resulted in Big Bull's death and Jack's acquisition of the double chainsaw. At death, Big Bull was thirty one years old. Despite his apparent death, his brain survived and he was outfitted in a bull like cybernetic body. While it is unknown who outfitted him with his new body, he has been in his current state for at least four years. Despite standing over nine foot tall and weighing more than twenty eight hundred pounds, Big Bull is still a quick fighter thanks to the help of the suit's propulsion system. Big Bull can release the safety locks restraining his suit, allowing him to use the engine of the propulsion sytem as a hammer. His figthing style consists of Kung- Fu moves, mixed with bull- like moves of his own.