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Anarchy Reigns/Battle Royale

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Battle Royale is a multiplayer game mode in Anarchy Reigns that is an every-man-for-himself fight between 16 players on any of the White Side or Black Side campaign maps.


Battle Royale is a mode where 16 players (absent slots are filled by AI) all fight one another for points in a map. Any of the 18 available characters in the game can be chosen for this mode. The winner is the player who has the most points by the end of the 10 minute time limit or reaches the victory score (around 40,000 points) before the other players.

The game plays out somewhat similarly to the Campaign, with assorted players roaming the map as opposed to purely enemies. The players will all set out to earn points by various means, though this primarily involves killing the other players, but bonus points are awarded for various conditions, such as killing a player with a Killer Weapon or a Grab. However, the leading player is usually at the most risk in Battle Royale, as they have a higher chance of being marked for death than other players, and a massive points bonus is awarded to other players who manage to kill him or her, making it easy to upset them as leader.

Around the levels, signposts, tires and other throwable objects can be used to incapacitate the other players, making for easier kills. Another feature of the Battle Royale is random events that may occur. These include making things more difficult for leading players to stay alive, such as marking them for death, which awards a point bonus to those who manage to kill the marked player. Other events include those that force every player to relocate to a safe area or be killed, such as firing a Microwave Array that kills every player not in a safe area when it fires.

Items that appear in single player can also be used in Battle Royale to get an edge over one's opponents, but it also features a unique item found only in this game mode. The Satellite Laser. This item can only be found by a low-ranking player as a means of catching up, and it causes a near unavoidable laser to target the three leading players, which will kill them instantly and almost guarantees that the player who used it will find a place somewhere in the top three. The laser can be dodged, but the timing is very strict. The laser will have no effect on Rampaging or grabbing/grabbed players.