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Advanced V.G. 2

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Advanced V.G. 2 (short for "Variable Geo") is an all-women's fighting game developed by TGL and released on the PSX in 1998. It is the sequel to Advanced V.G., released on PC-Engine in 1994 (later ported to PSX an Sega Saturn), which was itself a reboot of 1993's Variable Geo for the PC-98.

Despite the anime aesthetic (attributed to legendary character designer Takahiro Kimura), AVG2 is a very traditional 2D fighting game experience, sharing a closer resemblance to SNK's output of the time than anything else -- think less Guilty Gear, and more Real Bout Fatal Fury. With a heavy emphasis on fast paced, dynamic footsies, plenty of creative aerial play, tons of high-powered meter options, and plenty of good old-fashioned jank, AVG2 is a game that's easy to pick up and still enjoys plenty of competition to this day.

In Progress / Completed To-do
  • All Character pages made
  • Cursory system information and game explanations written
  • All moves given pictures
  • All move descriptions written
  • Finalize Satomi, Tamao, and Yuka's more unknown information.
  • Translate detailed information from the JPN wiki
  • Make Guard Cancels, Target Combos, Combos look prettier
  • Wait patiently for the JPN wiki to give us more frame data

Advanced V.G 2
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Technical Group Laboratory


Technical Group Laboratory



Release Date

23rd September, 1998

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Delay Based Netcode

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