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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core/A.B.A

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This Move List comes from the November 2005 Arcadia translation by Edward Chang at


Masshou: qcf + S
->Fukumetsu: b,f+S
-->Dangoku: hcb+S
Ketsugou: hcb+H (AMA)


Ken'in: qcf+P
Shoukyaku: qcf+K
Kihi: qcf+H
Shousei: hcb+P


Houshoku: rdp+H
Danzai: dp+H
Bunri: hcb+P
Kashitsu: hcf+K
Konzetsu: j.hcf+S


Shoukou: Intoku (Normal Only): hcb, f+H
Shoukou: Inmetsu (Ouro) (Moroha Only): j.hcb, f+P
-> Shoukou: Inmetsu (Fukuro): qcb+K
Henshitsu (Moroha Only): hcb, hcb+S


Muchi no Yami: qcf, qcf+H

This information comes from xoNappyJinox's A.B.A thread on


Her backdash is nice, reminds me of a mini-Pot, kinda. Lots of backdash->63214H. 236H is good for keeping yourself at a safe distance, but they can jump over it if you're throwing it out naked. Either that or I'm doing it wrong. 236P Is good for getting across the screen fast, and FRCing it gives you a nice little boost. Her air dash is so-so, not really long, but good if you IAD right above them in the corner. That's all I can think of.


Here's what I was able to come up with for combos...Not much, but like I said, I'll find better stuff either this week or next, when I play again.

Normal Mode

S->H->qcf+S->b,f+S->hcb+H Throw (In corner)->S->High jump cancel, S->jumping H->hcb+H S->H->qcf+S->b,f+S->d+D->Blood Pack

That's all I got for Normal Mode combos...Normal Mode throw is REALLY nice in the corner, as you get a free combo, which leads to free key activation.

Moroha Mode

qcf+S->b,f+S->f+d+dfH->f+P->S->High jump cancel S->jumping H->hcf+S* D/\Jumping H->Jumping H->hcb+H

Combos marked with a * are ones I couldn't finish because I'm bad at inputs...Or they MAYBE don't work, which I'm kinda doubting...Bleh.

Blood Pack Stuff

Umm...Let's see...I'd say only activate it after a knockdown (duh) or in some otherwise safe situation...I have a VERY small list of some ways to get yourself an activation.

d+D->qcf+S->BP D->BP qcf+S->b,f+S->BP

Yeah, very small, lol.


I did some mild experimenting with A.B.A. pressure, and I'm VERY pleased with how strong she can be, especially in the corner. Her 5D is VERY deceptive, as I've learned, which leads to it hitting more often than not. It resembles her 6H a lot. Here's some stuff I came up with on block...

K->S->qcf+S->b,f+S->D d+P->S->H->qcf+S->dash, throw

Yeah, there's some of my whack A.B.A. strats...I hope SOMEONE uses them, lol. I'll be posting up much better stuff soon, I promise.

Overall, she's pretty good. Just be sure to go out of Moroha mode while you still have meter or it'll suck ass. I'll post up her Overdrive stuffs when I've messed with em more.

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