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Template DocumentationEdit This Documentation
Creates a Navbox to be used at the bottom of a page for navigation.

Use with {{Navbox/Row}}, {{Navbox/Icon}}, {{Navbox/Text}}, and {{Navbox/Separator}}

Navbox Parameters

| title =
Text to display in the title bar
| link =
Website linked on the title bar text
| rows =
{{Navbox/Row}}s to be displayed
| width =
The width of the Navbox. (Default: 100%)
| short =
Abbreviation of the game title to be used in the navigation. Defaults to "Game Navigation", and is used like "SFA2 Navigation".

Navbox/Row Parameters

| text =
The text to show in the left column of the row.
| textsize =
The size of text. (Default: 1.0)
| hideLabel =
Ignores the text parameter and hides the first column label if set to true.
| iconwidth =
(Icons only) The width of any icons in this row in pixels. (Default: 50)
| maxlines =
(Icons only) The maximum number of text rows underneath each icon. (Default: 2.2)
| textwidth =
(Icons only) The width area of text below the icon. Only to be used in the case if the text area size is supposed to surpass the width of the icon. (Default: matches iconwidth)

Navbox/Icon and Navbox/Text

| text =
Text to display. This will automatically format the text to a subpage link as well, unless specificed with subpage or link.
Note: For icons, it is optional and will display underneath the icon centered, but you will need to specify subpage or link. }}
| textalign =
For Icon only. Alignment of the icon text relative to the icon. Use "left", "center", or "right". Defaults to "center".
| subpage =
For use when the subpage link does not match the text.
| link =
For use when needing a full link that isn't a subpage of the game. Ignores subpage if used.
| image =
(Icons only) Image to display for the Navbox.
| last =
(Texts only) Set to "yes" to remove the "•" separator.

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