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Tekken 2

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Tekken 2 is the second game in the Tekken series by Namco. All of the characters from Tekken returned (with the exception of Jack, who is replaced by Jack-2 in this game). Eight new characters were added to the character roster (including Jack-2). The game features 25 playable characters. Released in arcades in 1995, and was released for the PlayStation in 1996 worldwide.


Game Mechanics

Mechanics of Tekken 2.

Basic Strategy

Basic and Advanced Strategy

Tier List

Tier List of T2.

The Characters

   * Law
   * Heihachi
   * Baek
   * Michelle
   * Kazuya
   * King
   * Alex/Roger
   * Kunimitsu
   * JACK-2
   * Armor King
   * Kuma
   * Lee
   * Bruce
   * Lei
   * Wang
   * P-Jack
   * Ganryu
   * Nina
   * Devil/Angel
   * Paul
   * Anna
   * Yoshimitsu


God Tier: Kazuya

Top Tier: Paul, Heihachi, Bruce, Angel/Devil

High Tier: Yoshimitsu, Lei, Michelle, Baek, Jun

Middle Tier: Lee, Law, Nina, Armor King

Low Tier: Kunimitsu, JACK-2, Anna, Kuma

Bottom Tier: P-Jack, Wang, Alex/Roger