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Country/region Invite Link Discord name
Kenya TEKKEN 254
North Africa (DZA, MAR, TUN) FGC Algeria
South Africa SA_FGC
South Africa UGCZA


North America

Country/region Invite Link Discord name
Canada Canada-AirDash
Canada Pokkén Canada
Canada (Atlantic) Atlantic Canada FGC
Canada (East Coast) East Canada UNI
Canada (Alberta, Calgary) Fighting Game Club of Calgary
Canada (Alberta, Edmonton) Edmonton FGC
Canada (Alberta, Red Deer) Red Deer FGC
Canada (British Columbia) BBC Tekken
Canada (British Columbia, Kelowna) OKSL
Canada (Manitoba, Winnipeg) Chip Damage - Winnipeg Fighting Game Community
Canada (Newfoundland and Labrador) Newfoundland FGC
Canada (Ontario, Kingston) Queen's Fighting Game Community
Canada (Ontario, London) Forest City Fight Club
Canada (Ontario, Ottawa) Ottawa FGC
Canada (Ontario, Toronto)
Canada (Ontario, Toronto) Soul Calibur 6 Toronto
Canada (Ontario, Toronto) Incendium Gaming Events
Canada (Ontario, Waterloo) UWFGC
Canada (Ontario, Windsor) Windsor FGC
Canada (Québec, Montreal) MTL Airdashers
Canada (Saskatchewan, Saskatoon) Dark Bridges: The Community Has No Name
Canada (West Coast) Western Canada Anime Fighters
Canada (West Coast) Fighting EX Layer
Mexico AniFighters MX
Mexico México FGC
North America Blue's Fight Pit
North America Demon Hado Dojo Weekly Tournament
North America E's Laf++ NA
North America Hot Dogs and Sake Club!
North America Parsec Shodown
NA East East Coast SNK
USA (California (Central)) ProminenceGC
USA (California (North)) NorCal AFGC
USA (California (North)) final impact gaming-redding fgc
USA (California (North)) NorCal FGC
USA (California (North)) NorCalibur
USA (California (South)) SoCal BBTAG Discord
USA (California (South)) Danger Time
USA (California (South)) SoCal Dair Productions
USA (California (South)) SoCal French Bread
USA (California (South)) Socal GBVS
USA (California (South)) Socal Local BB
USA (California (South)) SoCal Rivals of Aether
USA (California (South)) Wild West GG - SoCal Guilty Gear
USA (California, Concord) It Was Tuesday
USA (California, San Diego) Tank Top Fridays
USA(Nevada, Las Vegas) Vegas FGC
USA (Nevada, Reno) RenoCruu FGC
USA/Canada (Northwest) Pacific Northwest SoulCalibur
USA (Northwest) PNW Airdashers
USA (Northwest) PNW Pokkén
USA (Oregon, Portland) Battle Lounge
USA (Oregon, Portland) PDX FGC
USA (Washington) Washington UNI
USA (Washington, Spokane) Spokane FGC
USA (West Coast) FiteNite
USA (West Coast) US West SFV
USA (West Coast) West Coast Pokken Tournament
USA (Arizona) AZ Airdashers
USA (Arizona) AZ 3D Fighters
USA (Colorado) Co FGC Server
USA (Idaho) Idaho FGC
USA (Idaho, Pocatello) Pocatello Pugilists
USA (Utah) GetGood
USA (Utah) Utah Pokken Tournament
USA (Mobile, Alabama (Gulf)) Mobile Bay Area Fight Club
USA (Birmingham, Alabama (Central)) [email protected]
USA (Birmingham, Alabama (Central)) B'ham FGC
USA (Arkansas) ARKFighters
USA (Illinois (Central)) Central Illinois FGC
USA (Illinois (Central)) Kids In The Hall
USA (Illinois, Chicago) Chicago Arcade FGC Group
USA (Illinois, Chicago) ChicagoLand FGC Conglomerate
USA (Illinois, Chicago) Chicago Guilty Gear Group
USA (Illinois, Chicago) Chicago KOF
USA (Illinois, Chicago) Chicago marvel
USA (Illinois, Chicago) Chicago SFV
USA (Illinois, Chicago) Chicago SGC
USA (Illinois, Chicago) Chicago Soul Calibur VI
USA (Louisiana, Lafayette) LafayetteFGC
USA (Louisiana, Shreveport) Shreveport FGC
USA (Louisiana) Louisiana FGC
USA (Midwest) Midwest FGC
USA (Midwest) Midwest Pokken
USA (Midwest) Midwest Under Night Player Hub
USA (Midwest) Rocky Mountain RoA
USA (Minnesota) MNFGC
USA (Mississippi (Central)) Central MS FGC
USA (Mississippi, Tupelo) Showdown Esports
USA (Missouri, Kansas City) KC FGC
USA (Missouri, Kansas City) KC Card Game Illuminati
USA (Missouri, St. Louis) Mystic FGC
USA (Missouri, St. Louis) STL Rawrvals of Aether
USA (Missouri, St. Louis) St, Louis ARMS
USA (Missouri, St. Louis) St. Louis Community Meet Up
USA (Missouri, St. Louis) Localhost - Gaming and Esports
USA (Missouri, St. Louis) #StL FGC
USA (Missouri, St. Louis) St. Louis ARMS
USA (Nebraska, Omaha) Nebraska FGC
USA (Oklahoma) OK PokkénDX
USA (Oklahoma) OKFGC
USA (Oklahoma) Oklahoma Anime
USA (Oklahoma) Oklahoma FighterZ
USA (Oklahoma) BBTAG-OK
USA (Oklahoma) MK 11 Oklahoma
USA (Oklahoma) OK Arcade Fighters
USA (Oklahoma) SamShoOK
USA (Oklahoma) Oklahoma UNIST
USA (Oklahoma) OK Soul Calibur
USA (South Dakota) South Dakota FGC
USA (Tennessee (Central)) Eat At Millin's
USA (Tennessee (Central)) Middle TN Fighting Game Community
USA (Tennessee (Central)) Middle TN Tekken
USA (Tennessee (East)) Smoky Mountain FGC
USA (Tennessee (Knoxville/East)) Scruffy City FGC
USA (Tennessee, Memphis) Memphis Fighting Game Community
USA Texas (Uni, melty, DFCI) Texas FPan Community
USA (Texas, Austin) Austin TX FGC
USA (Texas, Austin) ATX animeboyz
USA (Texas, Austin) Longhorn (UT Austin) FGC
USA (Texas, Bryan-College Station) Cstat FGC
USA (Texas, Corpus Christi) Crawdaddy's Gaming
USA (Texas, Houston) HoustonFGC
USA(Texas, San Antonio) San Antonio Texas
USA (Texas) Texas Anime Buckaroos
USA (Texas) Texas Pokken
USA (Texas) Texas Tekken
USA (Wisconsin) Wisconsin FGC
USA (Connecticut, Manchester) Great Value Smash Community
USA (Connecticut, Milford) CT FGC
USA (Florida (Central)) Gamers On The Edge
USA (Florida) Florida Calibur
USA (Florida) Florida FGC Server
USA (Florida) Florida Tekken
USA (Florida) Project Sunset
USA (Florida, Daytona Beach) ShowtimeFGC
USA (Florida, Jacksonville) Official Jacksonville FGC Discord
USA (Florida, Gainesville) Gainesville FGC
USA (Florida, Orlando) Orlando Runback
USA (Florida, Tampa) Tampa Never Sleeps
USA (Georgia (Middle)) Middle Georgia FGC
USA (Georgia, Savannah) Savannah Tekken
USA (Georgia, Savannah) Coastal Conquerors (SAV FGC)
USA (Indiana) Indiana Fighting Game Community
USA (Indiana, West Lafayette) PFGC_Betplay
USA (Kentucky) Kentucky FGC
USA (Maryland, Baltimore) Baltimore Arcade Fight Club Discord
USA (Maryland, Baltimore) Baltimore Tekken
USA (Maryland/Virginia (North)) High Precision Fighting
USA (Maryland/Virginia) MD/VA Rivals of Aether
USA (Michigan) MI Anime FGC
USA (Michigan) Michigan Tekken Sessions
USA (New England) NEFGC Dragon Ball Fighterz
USA (New England) NewEnglandFGC-Dojo
USA (New England) New England Anime Fighters
USA (New England) New England Sailor Moon S
USA (New England) NRS New England
USA (New York, Hudson Valley) HVFGC
USA (New York, Long Island) Long Island AFGC
USA (New York, Long Island) Long Island KOF
USA (New York, New York City) NYC Calibur
USA (New York, New York City) NYC Lethal League
USA (New York, New York City) NYCVF
USA (New York, New York City) Poly Gaming Network
USA (New York, Westchester County) WestchesterFGC
USA (North Carolina, Fayetteville) FayetteNam FGC
USA (North Carolina) North Carolina FGC
USA (Charlotte, North Carolina) Last Level
USA (North Carolina) NC Retro Fighters
USA (Raleigh, North Carolina) RDU Tekken
USA (Raleigh, North Carolina) FGC at NCSU
USA (North Dakota) FM FGC
USA (Northeast) NE French Bread
USA (Northeast) Northeast Pokkén
USA (NY/NJ/PHIL) Anime Tristate: NY/NJ/PHIL
USA (NY/NJ/PHIL) ARMS MetropolitanTri-state Server
USA (Ohio (Northeast)) Air Dash Academy & Yeah I Gotcha
USA (Ohio, Cincinnati) Queen City Fights
USA (Ohio, Outer Haven) Outer Haven
USA (Ohio, Columbus) [CFG] Columbus Fighting Games
USA (Ohio, Kent) Kent FGC
USA (Ohio, Toledo) IDG
USA (Pennsylvania, Harrisburg) Harrisburg FGC
USA (Pennsylvania, Lancaster) Lancaster FGC
USA (Pennsylvania, Philadelphia) Philly FGC
USA (Pennsylvania, Philadelphia) Philly XRD
USA (Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh) CMUken
USA (South Carolina) SCFGC
USA (Southeast) Southeast Pokken Discord
USA (Southeast) Southeast UNIST Netplay
USA (Virginia, Hampton Roads) SOVA Fighting Game Community
USA (Virginia (North)) NovaFGC
USA (Virginia, Radford) Virginia Tech FGC
USA (Virginia, Richmond) RVA fIGHTCLUB
USA (Virginia (South)) SoVA Rivals of Aether

The Caribbean

Country/region Invite Link Discord name
Trinidad/Caribbean Caribbean FGC
The Bahamas Bahamas Gamers & Otaku
Dominican Republic TEKKEN DOMINICANO
Jamaica Jamaica eSports Initiative
Puerto Rico Nightwatch - Fighting Games Puerto Rico

Central America

Country/region Invite Link Discord name
Central America / Latin America North Melty Blood LAN
Costa Rica Costa Rica FGC

South America

Country/region Invite Link Discord name
Argentina & Uruguay 2fOH - ANIME IS DEAD
Argentina, Chile, Brazil BBTAG Argentina
Argentina, Chile & other nearby Melty Sud
Argentina, Chile & other nearby Skullgirls Sud
Argentina, Chile 「Vampire Sailor」
Argentina Guilty Gear Argentina
Argentina Under Night In-Birth Argentina
Argentina Wake up Shoryuken
Brazil AFGC BR
Brazil Darkstalkers Brasil
Brazil Dissidia Brasil
Brazil DOA Brasil
Brazil Dragon Ball FighterZ Brasil
Brazil FGC BR
Brazil Guilty Gear STRIVE Brasil
Brazil Granblue Fantasy Versus Brasil
Brazil HFTF Brasil
Brazil Hitconfirm
Brazil Killer Instinct Brasil (Xbox/Win10/Steam)
Brazil KOF XI Brasil
Brazil KoF XIII Brasil
Brazil MeltyBrasil
Brazil Mortal Kombat 11 Brasil
Brazil Neko Punchi
Brazil NitroPovertyBR
Brazil Plus R BR
Brazil Purgatório Championship
Brazil Rivals of Aether - Brasil
Brazil SamSho Brasil
Brazil Santuário Hakurei
Brazil Skullgirls Brasil
Brazil Soul Calibur Brasil
Brazil Special Shodown
Brazil Street Fighter V Brasil
Brazil Them's Fightin' Herds Brasil
Brazil the slugfest - KOF 98 BR
Brazil UNIBrasil
Chile Blazblue Chile
Chile Guilty Gear Outrage
Chile Grubble Versus SA
Chile Lag Fighter Chile
Chile SFIII 3rd Strike CHILE oficial
Chile Soul Calibur Chile
Chile Tekken Chile
Chile UNI CL®
Colombia Guilty Gear strive Colombia Local
Latin America BFTG América Latina
Latin America Comunidad Puyo Tetris Latinoamerica
Latin America BBTag Latino NS
Latin America Games n' Chilling - Latinoamerica
Latin America FC2 & NullDC BEAR Latam
Latin America Skullgirls Latino America
Latin America Samurai Shodown Latam
South America Dead or Alive Kamae 🔊
South America Dengekino SA
South America efz hours
South America Far Slash Neutral
South America Grubble Versus SA
South America Guilty Gear Abunai
South America Guilty Gear XX AC+R Sud
South America LLB South America
South America Mash'n Mix
South America Rivals of Aether SA
Venezuela AngelDash -AFGC Venezuela
Venezuela Cholero eSports - Fightcade Venezuela


Country/region Invite Link Discord name
India Indian FGC
Indonesia Under Night In-Birth ID
Japan EFZ_jp
Japan E's Laf channel ( 仮 )
Japan GBVS鯖
Japan Kalibur Fighters Discord
Japan LLB日本支部
Japan Rivals Japan
Japan Skullgirls_JP
Japan tensoku
Japan アルカナディスコ部
Japan のびーるARMS
Japan WonderfulWorld Discord サーバー
Japan 恋姫演武Ver3
Korea KR DBFZ Community
Korea SFV KR
Korea SoulCalibur.Kr
Korea 고갤양학파티
Korea 뿌요인들의 싐터
Malaysia & Singapore TEKKEN 7 MY X SG
Philippines Touhou Philippines
Singapore EXVS Singapore
Singapore Soul Calibur Singapore
Southeast Asia #IndonesiaTouhouGaming
Southeast Asia Airdasher SEA
Southeast Asia Curiosities of Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia DBFZ SEA
Southeast Asia GGXRD: SEA Netplay
Southeast Asia GundamEXVS_SEA
Southeast Asia Melty & UNI -SEA
Southeast Asia SEA Salt Factory

Asia (Middle east)

Country/region Invite Link Discord name
GCC (Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc.) Fighters GCC
Israel FighterHubIL
Middle East RoA Middle East
Qatar QatarFGC
Saudi Arabia SGCAFGC


Country/region Invite Link Discord name
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg Benelux FGC
Belgium FGC Belgium
Bulgaria Fighting games Bulgaria
Croatia FGC Hrvatske
Czech Republic/Slovakia Czech Arcade
Czech Republic Fighting Games Czech
Denmark Det Danske Kampspilsfællesskab
Europe 3rd Strike EU
Europe ABK Kooky Edition
Europe DBFZ EU
Europe Dissidia EU
Europe EU FG Community
Europe EU Gundam EXVS
Europe EU skullfriends
Europe European ARMS Competitive
Europe Fightcade: Steam EU
Europe GranBlue Versus EU
Europe Guilty Gear Europe
Europe Hearts are Blazing
Europe Insanity EU Tekken 7
Europe Mortal Kombat 11 EU
Europe Pokken EU
Europe Rivals of Aether: Europe
Europe SaltmineLeague
Europe SaltyEU 🧂
Europe EU SamSho - Samurai Pride
Europe Slap City EU
Europe SoulCalibur VI EU
Europe Tekken EU
Finland Taistelupelit
Finland Tekken Suomi
Finland Yatagarasu SKENE
France ARMS FightClub FR
France Dead Or Alive France
France BBTAG France
France Discord Blazblue France
France Dragon Ball FighterZ
France FR Hisoutensoku
France Fighting DreamerZ
France Granblue Fantasy Versus Fr
France Injustice France
France KI France Discord
France Lethal League Blaze FR
France MK11_France
France Naruto Clash of Gekit? Ninja FR
France Pokkén France
France Rivals of Aether France
France Samurai Shodown Fr
France Street Fighter 2X France
France TEKKEN France
France Under Night In-Birth France
France (Lyon)
France (&other Francophone countries)
France (West) Beat by 44
Germany Ger_Calibur
Germany HardEdge
Germany (Hamburg) FGC Hamburg
Germany Letale Liga
Germany Nintendouken
Germany Pokkén DE
Germany Rivals of Aether: Germany
Germany (Frankfurt) Mad Gear FFM
Germany (Munich) Munich Fight Night - Arcade Gaming Dojo
Germany (Solingen) Insert Game
Greece Greek Fighting Game Community
Hungary MAVIK - Hungarian FGC
Ireland Eiredashers ????
Ireland Ireland Fighting Games
Ireland Monaghan
Italy Skullgirls Italia
Italy Fighters Network Italia
Italy Italian Fighters Turbo Xrd: Central Climax
Italy Spaghetti Showdown - Anime Fighters Italia
Italy Soul Calibur Italia
Italy Tekken In Italia
Latvia FGC Latvia REBORN
Latvia FGC Latvia
Lithuania FGC Lithuania
Netherlands Dutch: FGC
Netherlands Nederlandse Rivalen van Ether
Norway Norsk FGC
Norway Pokken Norge
Poland &
Poland FGC PL
Portugal Guilty Gear PT
Portugal Pokkén Tournament PT
Portugal PTFighters
Portugal PT FighterZ
Portugal Rivals of Aether PT
Portugal SFV PTFighters
Portugal SoulCalibur - Portugal
Portugal TEKKEN Portugal
Romania Romanian FGC
Russia Blazblue Eggplantfiction Extend
Russia Dead or Alive
Russia drachki community
Russia Guilty Gear RU
Russia JJBA:HFTF Russia
Russia Samurai Shodown RUS
Russia Skullgirls Russia
Russia Soul Calibur
Russia Street Fighter V Russia
Serbia Airdash Community Serbia
Serbia FGC Serbia
Spain Soul Calibur España
Sweden 3rd Strike Sweden
Sweden BB Sweden
Sweden Dragonball Fighterz Sweden
Sweden GG Sweden
Sweden GGST Sverige
Sweden Granblue Fantasy Versus Sweden
Sweden Mortal Kombat Sweden
Sweden RoA Sverige
Sweden Samurai Shodown Sweden
Sweden Street Fighter V i Sverige
Sweden Sweden DoA
Sweden SweFGC
Sweden UNI Sverige
Sweden (Göteborg/Gothenburg) Git Gud
Sweden (Göteborg/Gothenburg) NegativeEdge
Sweden (Malmö) COMA FGC - Skåne
Sweden (Stockholm) LightDash Stockholm
Fightingspel I Umeå Fightingspel I Umeå
Sweden (Västerås) VFGC
Switzerland HardReadCH
Turkey GG - TR
Turkey melty blood türk kawga
Turkey Dayak Kulübü
Turkey Turkiye sanal Dovus Oyulari Toplulugu
Ukraine FGC Kyiv
United Kingdom Dragon Ball FighterZ UK
United Kingdom SoulCalibur UK
United Kingdom UFG
United Kingdom (Great Britain) PuyoGB
United Kingdom (England, East London) EastLondonFGC TNT
United Kingdom & Ireland Bare Knuckles - UK and Ireland FGC
United Kingdom & Ireland Street Fighter V UKIE
Wales (Cardiff) Wales FGC

Australia & Oceania

Country/region Invite Link Discord name
Australia Australian Anime Fighting Game Community
Australia Gundam EXVS Australia
Australia Killer Instinct Australia
Australia Super Street Fighter II Turbo - Australia
Australia (Queensland, Brisbane) Brisbane Fighters
Australia (Tasmania) TAS Fighting Game Community
Australia (Western Australia) Hype Club - Nah Junior, Quality Jerk Club.
Australia & East Asia ARMS AOC
Australia & New Zealand ANZ LLB
Australia & New Zealand AUS/NZ SFIII 3rd Strike
Australia & New Zealand Australia+NZ DOA Dead Or Alive Fighters
Australia & New Zealand Fantasy Strike ANZ
Australia & New Zealand Team WP - AU/NZ FGC
New Zealand NZ Tekken
New Zealand Standing Fierce NZFGC
Oceania Dissidia Oceania
Oceania JJBAHFTF Oceania
Oceania OCE DBFZ Community
Oceania Oceania Soulcalibur Community
Oceania Oceania Tekken Community
Oceania OCE GBVS
Oceania Pokken Tournament OCE
Oceania Puyo Puyo Australia
Oceania Samurai Shodown (Oceania)
Oceania Skullgirls Oceania
Australia Australian Smash


Any server that does not cater to a specific region or is multi-regional. If it dedicates itself to a specific game at a global scale, add it to the Game Discords or Character Discords list instead.

Server Name Invite Link Description
mcleodgaming community based around a group of devs that worked on several games, most known being Super Smash Flash 2
New Challenger Approaching discord for new players, all regions and all games welcome
Thunderia-Online Tournaments All regions and tournaments every week
Fistfight and a Movie Presented by the Fraud Krew All regions and run 2 tournaments every other saturday
The Haunted Arcade 2: Tournament Edition All regions. English. Various fightcade games and they host weekly tournaments.
SaltyEU 🧂 European server; Weekly Tekken 7, DBFZ, SF5, tournaments and more
EU Poverty FGC EU discord focused on poverty fighting games
Comunidade de Jogos de luta Portuguese server that plays various games
Puzzle Wednesday International server dedicated to vzpuzzlers and host tournaments of all types