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The 3D version of the Street Fighter series with an Alternate Universe,developed by ARIKA and begins in 1996.


ub   u   uf        Jump Backward        Jump Up       Jump Forward
  \  |  /
b -- n -- f        Retreat/Block        (neutral)     Move Forward
  /  |  \
db   d   df        Defensive Crouch     Crouch        Offensive Crouch

Keep in mind that you'll need to reverse the left- and right-based
directions if you are on the second player (right) side.

LP    MP    HP     Light Punch      Medium Punch      Hard Punch

LK    MK    HK     Light Kick       Medium Kick       Hard Kick

P     = Use any strength Punch button.
K     = Use any strength Kick button.
(air) = The move can be performed while jumping (airborne).
(x#)  = Repeat the whole motion and button press x number of times.
[   ] = Not listed in the game's internal moves list

Game Mechanics


To destroy opponent 's defence, and leave the opponent open for hits.

The command for G.B(guard break) is same for all characters

press LP+LK or MP+MK or HP+HK .

It consumes 1 super meter .


After using a super combo , another super combo can be used immediately.

Game Versions

The Characters