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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Rubber Soul

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Rubber Soul (ラバーソール Rabā Sōru) also known as Robber Soul, is a minor antagonist featured in Stardust Crusaders. He is a mercenary hired by DIO to defeat the Joestar family in hopes of receiving one hundred million dollars for finishing his job. He is one of the six hidden characters in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage For The Future.

His stand, Yellow Temperance, is an undestroyable gooey blob bound strictly to his body which can absorb any living matter to increase its mass. It can easily mimic other people and objects to a degree.

In the game, Rubber Soul mimics Kakyoin and his stand Hierophant Green, using very similar, yet heavily altered moveset, considering that unlike him, he has a Passive stand. He plays like a pseudo-grappler okizeme-oriented with a variety of medium and long range tools to help him close the gap at longer distances.

Rubber rewards a patient playstyle above all and is the perfect pick for players who enjoy mind games and conditioning their opponent, getting inside their head and slowly wearing them down, much like his Stand would.

Pros Cons
  • Has a very synergestic toolset with several different ways of getting a hard knockdown
  • Best Grab in the game
  • One of the best air-to-air games in j.A being near incontestable alongside j.S and damaging air combos that can be followed up on the ground.
  • Great Anti-Airs and Tech Chasing game
  • Strong Counterpoke game with amazing priority in most of his moves
  • Solid Defensive Options for a Passive Stand character: has the best Guard Cancel and Counter in the game which both can be followed up for devastating damage or Okizeme
  • Very Strong Okizeme game Vortex style that works on the whole cast.
  • Has a variety of Unblockable Combo Routes he can use to reset his damage and greatly expand his Damage Output.
  • Fast Wakeup Speed
  • Mind games for days with his mixup potential
  • Quality Taunts
  • Has a Passive Stand
  • Worst Mobility in the game
  • Only character in the game incapable of cancelling his ground recovery
  • May end up leaving himself wide open by whiffing certain normals and not cancelling them properly
  • Lingering hurtboxes on his S moves limit their use in neutral without taking risks
  • Has to take unnecessary risks if he actively tries to rush down in neutral
  • Has a hard time pinning down certain characters with strong movement options
  • Despite Okizeme being one of his strongest aspects, some game mechanics limit his combo potential off a meaty.
  • Lacks a reliable supermove with invincibility frame 1 to get out of dangerous situations
  • IPS can get in the way when going for extended combos and scaled 236+AA enders
  • Requires some heavy execution as well as some deep understanding of some game mechanics in order to tap into his full potential
  • His Backbreaker Super can be punishable on hit
Rubber Soul

Rubber Soul A.png

Stand: Passive

Defense Value: 84

Roll Speed: 32

Wakeup Speed: 28

Prejump: 6

Notable Players

Color Nickname Country Platform Accounts Notes
BiLL USA, East Coast Fightcade 2 Twitter:
Fightcade: BiLL
Veteran since GGPO
Seba98Net Uruguay Fightcade 2 Fightcade:Seba98Net Incredibly knowledgeable HFTF scientist
Frootz UK Fightcade 2 Fightcade: Frootz Also knowledgeable about Nkak
Potatoboih Poland Fightcade 2 Twitter:
Fightcade: Potatoboih
Veteran since GGPO, also makes TASes

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