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== Polnareff ==
== Polnareff ==
The four player matchup... you will have to use all your brainpower to survive.
The Shooting Star mixups will always have you at a disadvantage. You must know what Polnareff is going to do and act accordingly.
NOT A FOUR PLAYER MATCHUP, you'll get spanked regardless if you use Ebony or not.
*If he rushes in with a dashing low and he is close enough, counter with 214+AA > 5C.
Shooting Star is a nightmare you'll fight from round start
*If he sees this coming and backs off, the doll will fly backward towards Silver Chariot and you'll have wasted meter. You absolutely must know if Polnareff is going to rush you down.
Don't bother trying IAD against Pol, since he can jump or roll while you or Ebony get hit by SS.
Same goes for any special or super(214aa as an example), Ebony will get hit by SS.
*You can try to redirect Shooting Star with 22+A, but this is really just a disguised way for Polnareff to get a free hitconfirm.
Either get away from Pol and respect SS or do a risky jump in.
If he tries to charge Shooting Star from fullscreen, use IAD and confirm into BnB.
Ray Dart whiffs while you're crouching so you can 2c  to punish.
His 2C is incredibly good. If possible, guard cancel so he can't charge Shooting Star while doing 2C.
Polnareff's normals are superior to yours in the ground, in any way.
His crouching  normals beats any of your crouching ones so don't try d.2a/d.2c while Chariot is stalking on the other corner.
You can beat any of those with 5c but... you shouldn't bother attempting that.
You'll almost never see Polnareff in Stand ON in this matchup.
Airborne you can easily air-to-air him with j.b
His main  stand off jump in when you are with Ebony is j.c as it cuts remote and possibly gets him a combo.
Block like you've never blocked before.
Stand on is a different beast:
s.j.a or the knee is a godly normal, you don't have any real answers if he jumps at Devo with that as any anti air does not hit him(except a well timed s.2c.)
s.j.b works as jump in and kinda as an air-to-air although its hitbox is a bit can still anti air it tho.
s.j.c cuts remote  and works as a tandem confirm like any of the above.
Learn how to block SS mixup:
Low High Low: d.2x > Release Shooting star > d.2x
High Low: Release Shooting star > d.2x
Low Low High Low(You didn't pushblock the first low): d.2x > d.2x > Release Shooting star > d.2x
Beware of reset on the corner with delay between 2x while SS is out , or you'll get tandem confirmed again.
== Shadow Dio ==
== Shadow Dio ==

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Avdol's normals have too much priority. You won't have many opportunities to attack with your doll. Play patiently, and only punish what you are comfortable with.

If Avdol goes into remote mode, he most likely has the upper hand in neutral. Pushblock/guard cancel to get Magician's Red off of you. Keep in mind that 214+AA as the other specials will chase who is closest to the puppet;any special or some moves like IAD will cut Avdol's remote mode.

Don't be scared of his jump-ins, anti air accordingly with 5c or S.5b.

Do not do any other oki besides 236+C crossup. Avdol can easily reversal you with his 236+AA.


The main thing to watch for in this matchup is his Stand ON normals, his crossup, and his gun.

Abuse his lack of anti-airs, but don't get too predictable. J.c is your friend.

The hurtbox of Alessi's stand on normals appears before his hitbox so you can stuff any move except s63214x who has no hurtbox.

If the Stand ON baby glitch happens, turn off your stand or tandem posthaste, or may the gods have mercy on your soul, use F3 if you are player 1 too.

Black Polnareff

One of you will be playing defensive once life lead is established as the next move could end the round.

Black Polnareff has limited ways of getting in when you have the lifelead

Through d.2b/2c, a jumping attack like j.b/j.c or even cancel into j.s for a small air momentum. But overall pushblock into remote will keep him out, as for his jump ins you either win air to air with j.b/j.c or trade. Anti air him with Ebony Devil and sometimes 5c, you can use 2c against his j.b since it won't hit you even if he cancels into j.s.

If you get hit by one his normals it could be the end, as he has a loop for short crouch characters, don't neither get caught by 214x overhead reset after the first 236x so be ready to block or if you know your opponent will do it you can tandem to punish. After finishing his loop on a knockdown with 623b you'll be forced to block a 50/50 that uses 236s and goes into either a low(662c) or a high (j.c) which if you don't guess right..the round will be over on the second loop. The good thing is, it only works on the corner, so if you end up getting hit and there's no wall behind just crouch block as Bpol's j.c doesn't go into anything.

If you don't hold the lifelead...

Things will get complicated, Bpol has two 1 frame startup normals but you'll be seeing most of the time 2a that confirms into 236x loop whether it hits Devo or Ebony. Be careful when throwing S.j.6b as he can easily punish it and convert into a combo. Don't try to beat it either as it will either trade or you'll get hit. 5c is another strong button with a huge horizontal rage that will hit Devo and Ebony, but it leaves him open when whiffed.

Remember he can cancel most of his normals into 214aa which is his strongest reversal, it's air unblockable so if he catches you doing careless jump ins you might lose your just gained lifelead, Devo can crouch it but sadly not the puppet, from close range if you block the reversal do 2c, if the puppet is close you can punish from anywhere with a combo. Black Polnareff's 236aa will cover 214aa when you don't hit meaty Black Polnareff so you're better just using crossup oki.

Last but not less important, his counter..oh boy. This is his other option when whiffing a normal or a read as he can cancel any of his normals into the counter. if he gets to learn some of your best moves(2c,5c, j.c, s5a/s66a s.j.6b) it will trouble you a lot more to open him as he can now cancel the blockstun and hit you back with any normal(A second guard cancel if you will..), so you might want to mix your approach with grabs or wait for it to end if you see it coming.

If by any chance you hit his counter and the hitbox doesn't touch you(unlikely to happen), he is the only anubis user who has no hurtbox through all of the animation so you can't punish it at all, although you can hit him with 236c once it ends as meaty.


Chaka is incredibly quick and has very good moves. If your opponent knows how to block, you're fighting an uphill battle.

Watch for the quick hyper hop. He can catch you if you have the doll out.

Devo can low-profile Chaka's s.5B. He won't be able to do a full BnB if you are crouching.


This is the most chaotic matchup in the game but still better than fighting Polnareff. There's no room for error, as both of you have amazing damage potential and amazing oki.

Watch your opponent's meter and be careful with his reversals. The devo with more meter is winning, no matter the health, as a single opening will completely invert the health advantage.

214+AA is too much of a threat to ignore. It hits for ridiculous damage, even more if it hits Devo on remote but it doesn't stop the puppet right away so you can try tandem to get out of it.

Do not let him Spear oki you, use reversal and setup your crossup oki.

You have a lot of options in every situtation, but so does your opponent. You can camp the doll with j.c, however this allows your opponent to get in and engage you

Watch for rolls, if you think one is coming, grab them. Your grabs are pretty good and can be used to tick grab from aerials, dash-ins and even empty hops.

5c counters j.c, but don't overuse it, especially if the opponent's doll is near you, as it can be 0f teched and punished. Staying unpredictable is the least you can do.


Stand on Knives are an easy way to deal huge damage over any mistake especially on remote...
The air version of knives it's almost unpunishable...
66C just beats any normal...
Teleport can get him out of sandwich situations or put him straight into your face...
236S hurts and it will kick you out of remote and if he did install with 214x he may as well cancel into rekka...
Meaty s.2a will catch any attempt to wake up reversal...

Don't lose the hope yet, Dio is barely a better character

Notable Dio Normals
Stand off
Quick jab that converts into his bnb , he can frametrap with delays on pressure, cancel into 214x to keep the pressure or 236S if he's too far
Your crouch normals low profiles its extended hurtbox so he'll always hit you first, but Ebony's jab beat them.
As i said, a strong normal that easily beat yours but you'll never see it by itself as its recovery is bad, it will be cancelled into 236s for high damage and safety
or 214x for pressure.
Even so there's nothing stopping you from doing s+5a to whiff punish or send Dio away with pushblock.
Dio has a plethora of anti airs so think twice before doing a jump in
5A is the fastest but it's mostly there to stop you from doing empty low.
5B is not an anti air you'll see often but you have to take into account it.
2B is his greatest anti air, it will beat any of your jump ins even if you are above him.
All of them can be cancelled into 236s for extra damage and to keep you away.
Dio mixes j.A with empty jump 2A but either way it goes into his bnb.
Anti air-ing is tricky with Devo, it will trade with 5c or Devo gets hit so it's better to respect it and pushblock.
Stand on
The meter building jab, decent poke and it links into s.662A for tandem confirm.
You can low profile it just by crouching and also make him change his tandem reps for a weaker alternative.
One of Dio's best pokes to stop your approach.
It has two hitboxes:The first you can low profile but the second one will blow you up.
You can still punish the recovery with IAD, but beware that it can cancel into anything.
The meaty that stops the robbery attempt, it also has a fast startup plus good hitbox to stop both Devo and Ebony.
Dashing version is a great way for him to get in and it's his main tandem confirm.
Just be careful and pushblock.
The other way to safely get meter, since you can't really do any big damage against airborne characters.
You'll see Dio upbacking and waiting for knifes once he gets lifelead.
Just anti air him, or even air to air as j.b beats both normals.
Great follow up from stray hits, anti air and pressure.
It's also very fast and...for some weird reason on its recovery, it has two frames with no hurtboxes.
Can be cancelled into tandem or 214x with install(using the first rekka of 214x).
Safe as hell so pushblock > s+5a may not work.
You can still punish its recovery but you have to predict it.
Stand off is a combo tool and it extends his pressure.
Can combo from any normal that doesn't knock down.
Easily guard cancelled and punishable with a normal on block/hit if Dio doesn't follow it up.
Stand on is a two part rekka that either wallbounces or gives a delayed hard knockdown if the combo counter is 3 or up.
The second hit can't cancel into anything so you can safely punish or reversal it.
Stand off is used on oki after s.2c for a 50/50 mixup between 2A or j.A
Also works as a combo tool to get tons of meter.
Sucks ass anywhere else, just 236aa since Dio will be jumping and pestering you with normals
to try and cover the shit he just did.
Stand on however is used to keep you out or as a frametrap with s.214x.
You probably won't see it often as you can easily punish it.
Stingy Ripper Space Eyes/6CBA6
Nice name, nice tech chase tool.
Unblockable but stand on Devo will low profile it.
If Devo or Ebony are close you can easily punish it.
The World/623x
A teleport which sends him to 3 specific locations depending on the button.
As stated at the beginning, it can get him on your face or out of between you and Ebony.
You can't really hit him, but you can throw him.
If you know he's gonna teleport on your face, stand off and grab.
If he teleports away and the puppet is not that far, you can also grab him with Ebony or mix him with IAD.
Bloody Summoning/BA6AC
Lol, no.
It starts up before superflash so if he does it on your face you may just get hit if you weren't holding 4.
Lots of iframes and active frames can punish it anyways, horrible super.
Road Roller/214AA
Block/roll and punish.
Grounded 236AA/s.236AA
-The stand off version is one of the worst supers on the game, huge startup with huge recovery, just punish it with tandem.
-Stand on however is one of the best: Fast startup with iframes and if it hits you remote it will kill you.
-If you block it airborne, you'll get hit by s.5c/s.66c.
-For you to punish s.236AA after the superflash with tandem, Ebony has to be really close as its recovery is pretty fast.
-Despite all of these traits, if Ebony is in front of Devo, you can remote crouch block the knives as Devo will not get touch making Dio waste meter.
-The most reliable way for him to use his knives as like i said before: It's barely punishable with some pitiful stuff and it still deals a ton of damage.
-You can't neither catch his landing with tandem reps(s.2b/s.2a) and while you can hit him with 236AA, the timing is a bit tricky and the damage is poor.
-Depending on the angle between airborne Dio and grounded Devo it may miss most of its damage or not.
-Plus, you can tandem on reaction with enough distance between you and him to dodge it.
-Since it doesn't cut remote mode, you can deactivate it to reduce damage(as long as the puppet does not get hit).
-You can see it coming most of the time and turn off Ebony to dodge with roll.
Overall a strong tool but it leaves him quickly without meter letting you use Ebony more often.

After reading that you may have been thinking:
-He's great at neutral and keeping you out with anti airs
-CAN and WILL turtle given the chance and heavily punish mistakes with knives
-The pokes are superior and can easily beat your normals
So... ¿What makes this matchup not so bad?

Okay...he got normals...but how does he open you up?
-No actual mixup outside of empty jump low, jump in or 50/50 with 236x.
-Terrible moves like s.623x that just will get him killed if he actually missinputs it.
-Trash pressure that you can reversal punish and against 2a 214x pressure you just have to pushblock Dio's normals.
-Loses tons of damage and can't air muda loop just by crouching
Guard Cancel
Multi hit moves(2c s.2b) or Ebony's quick jabs(s.5a>s.5a) will just interrupt it as its first hitbox starts really high
punishable ON HIT by tech into tandem
This mf can't grab you since you can punish by down teching into puppet special > 2b, if he's or tandem, if the doll's close enough to dio.
A more consistent, universal (both s.on and off), but harder punish is tech > special cancel > 5c, smacking the world's hand, but you have to fit within 23 frames (assuming a perfect tech)
a special cancel, 10 frames of doll activation animation recovery and 5c with 5 frames of startup for its 2nd hitbox.
Or if he grabs you in the corner, forget everything and just punish with puppet move > 5c for huge damage, abuse the ROLL

Hol Horse

-Chase Hol Horse, he can't get away or else he'll start using 236x and force you to take huge risks approaching as Devo.
-D.2c is great but you have to be careful with Hanged man(214x) so you may ocasionally hyper hop.
-Grab that bastard, he may try to roll once you're in his face so try to bait him into doing so.
-Don't let him just use j.623x over and over, you have many anti airs:

s.6a, s.5b, s.4b, s.2c, 5b, 5c or
you could just dash outside of the glass.

-Control the screen;he has trouble zooning you out after Ebony gets in the other corner, forcing him to fight you directly.
-Make sure to mix your approach with Ebony since he can always do pushblock > 236AC/BC for big damage over unsafe moves.
-Devo is going to get hit by 214AA if Ebony is too far away blocking.

Hol can't loop slow bullet as:

-Your wake up is too fast for 2c to go into slow bullet
-Crouching on wake up makes 5c whiff
-d.2c leaves him far away from you

That doesn't mean it's fine to get hit by hanged while standing into 5c>slow bullet.

Hol & Boingo

Hoingo is not as threatening as Hol horse but you still need to be careful with S bullet.

He still can punish unsafe moves with 236AC/BC but he has no 214AA nor slow bullet for big damage.

Just because he doesn't have hanged doesn't mean he can't cover ground with S bullet, definitively not as fast as Hol Horse tho.

Don't let him just use j.623x, on this case he can use command grab if glass gets blocked after landing.

His new 421AA causes stand crash and the pipe bullets are unblockable, you just have to hit him once to stop it all.

Overall the same as the Hol horse matchup but better for you.


Iggy's oki game still applies in this matchup, don't get knocked down. His hitbox is very small, meaning your combos are much more likely to drop on him or for him to get pushed out from between you and the doll.

His wakeup is fast and he can reversal with 236aa. Use the crossup oki on him.

You can punish his S.on charge in almost any situation, e.g with S.5a into a combo. It will not turn your stand off if it hits devo, you can capitalize on that.

If he tries to fly and spam sandballs, knock him out of the air with S.j.c or S.2c if he's low enough.

Fortunately, Iggy is unable to hit you meaty after a grab, you can always reversal his oki if it started from it, but it's tight.

When he's s.on, some jank can happen when you attack him from behind. First of all, 236x will not hit him until the doll finishes its run (as if it didn't run into anything). You also can't grab him from behind and tandems take a bit before the doll starts attacking. Sometimes even 214aa refuses to hit him for some reason. Stand crash him whenever you hit him in order to avoid these situations.

In conclusion, it's an annoying matchup, what did you expect?

If you still crave for knowledge, here's a devo main's rant on this matchup:


His hermit grab can't grab the doll, but its range is long enough to catch you on small stages most of the time if you don't block it with the puppet.

Harass him with the puppet, but be mindful of his 236aa. Respect him more if he has meter.

You can low profile his 236a/b/c in both s.on and off.


Always run away from him, don't ever try to pressure with the doll. If you want to go stand on for whatever reason, you have to make sure that Jotaro can't touch you. If he's anywhere closer than fullscreen, s.on is a bad idea, especially if he knows what he's doing. He has tons of ways to bypass the doll and go for you. Keep the doll close to the middle of the screen and fish for confirms while he's on the move.

Playing patiently will usually get the job done. Jotaros tend to mercilessly rush you down, as it is usually their only option given Jotaro's short effective range.

If he's in your face, crouch and keep pushblocking. 214aa is an option, but you might mess it up and have him break your defense, which means you're dead. Get out of there, GC or 2a, don't get grabbed rolling.

His low stand gauge means you don't have to do any special stuff to SC him, doing so will probably lead to you taking the round, granted you still have meter.

You can low profile his s.5A, but not his s.5B.

Jotaro can also do ~s.214+A > s.214+C to cover massive ground and even if that fails, he can still cancel it into star finger. Don't get caught. He can still oki you, even if you block low.


Nets are the killer of this matchup. Break them with s.5A or s.5B.

Kakyoin can easily IAD and get to Devo quickly if you have the doll out. Do not get caught.

The only upside you have is your crouching hurtbox. Kakyoin cannot do a tandem against crouching Devo.

Kakyoin has a large Stand meter. Account for this when doing your Stand Crash combo.

Make use of that option select because these newer generation Kakyoins like to do IAD into grab.


You're winning this matchup. Gain the life lead and turtle.

Don't get shmixed by j.C and 2A. Your j.C beats Khan's j.C if you angle it properly.

Remember that Khan's j.S can be used as a movement tool. Don't get caught with the doll out because he can quickly move towards Devo. Knock him out of the air with j.c.

If he lands 214aa on you while stand on, you can still attack him before the second hit to avoid big damage and have him waste meter or even tandem if the doll's too far and have him fall between you and the doll for big damage and oki.


Mariah isn't scary until she gets levels and sets up her stuff. Pressure her with the puppet, but don't get hit with her counterattacks.

The cables will home in on devo, not the doll, while also having the potential to turn your stand off. Cut them ASAP.

Don't let her set up anything, grab her whenever she gains a level. If she ever dares to do a special when you're in front of her, end the round.

214aa isn't as useful here as a reversal, if she's close to you and attacking, there is most likely a cable on you, you have to take the chip. Baiting her to attack you while s.on is risky, but possible. You shouldn't find yourself in a situation where you have to take risks if you don't make mistakes.

Don't get caught in outlet shenanigans. Block accordingly. Don't GC if there's a cable on you.


This matchup is very annoying. Midler loves to dance around you. You have to control the match.

Cars will catch you if you have your doll out. Once the doll blocks the cars, Devo is guaranteed to take damage.

You might catch her crossup j.B with 5C, but I wouldn't count on it. Use s2c instead.

Midler's 5B can meaty and can combo into 623+A/B/C. Don't get caught mashing on wakeup.

Watch out for her grabs; she has insane grab reach. Use option select to escape the shmix.

New Kakyoin

This matchup is an overcomplicated game of cat and mouse.

Nkak's movement makes him really hard to pin down, however, managing to land a single hitconfirm usually means death for nkak with his low hp and slow wakeup time.

Don't IAD when he's on the move, it will almost always miss. Stay close to the puppet, as 5c will bring him down, breaking his flow, meaning you'll get a confirm or a mixup, depending on whether he reacts. If he's pressuring you, 214aa can be used, but it will be hard to have him take the hit, meaning you have wasted meter. Just gc or pushblock and roll out of there. Your dash is fast enough to get away from him.

If he decides to turtle and sit on nets, break them with the puppet and go for a mixup.

If he starts getting too comfy with wavedashing over the puppet, do s+5b, it has amazing priority, a lot of active frames and it's pretty fast. If you're lucky and REALLY ambitious you can link it with s.5a d.s.5a into full bnb, but don't count on it. You'll most likely hit him in the air.

Nkak's s.236aa will hit devo if he's stand on and the doll doesn't block close enough to devo (about 1/3rd of the screen). This deals very low damage, unless nkak is low on health and gives you a bit of time to reposition. Some nkaks refuse to do this because of these reasons, but still, do watch out for it.

Don't try to bait him into hitting you while you're stand on and surprise him with a puppet attack, his d.s5b turns your stand off immediately.


If your opponent can block, the match is over for you.

Your 2A and 2C get high-profiled by Pet Shop. You will have to substitute with 5C and 5B respectively.

Anti-Pet Shop tech is dashing through Pet Shop while he's knocked down. He will get crossed up.

If Pet Shop flies into the air, use j.s.C to hit him. He cannot block while flying.

Block like you've never blocked before.


NOT A FOUR PLAYER MATCHUP, you'll get spanked regardless if you use Ebony or not.

Shooting Star is a nightmare you'll fight from round start

Don't bother trying IAD against Pol, since he can jump or roll while you or Ebony get hit by SS.
Same goes for any special or super(214aa as an example), Ebony will get hit by SS.

Either get away from Pol and respect SS or do a risky jump in.

Ray Dart whiffs while you're crouching so you can 2c to punish.

Polnareff's normals are superior to yours in the ground, in any way.
His crouching normals beats any of your crouching ones so don't try d.2a/d.2c while Chariot is stalking on the other corner.
You can beat any of those with 5c but... you shouldn't bother attempting that.

Airborne you can easily air-to-air him with j.b
His main stand off jump in when you are with Ebony is j.c as it cuts remote and possibly gets him a combo.

Stand on is a different beast:
s.j.a or the knee is a godly normal, you don't have any real answers if he jumps at Devo with that as any anti air does not hit him(except a well timed s.2c.)
s.j.b works as jump in and kinda as an air-to-air although its hitbox is a bit can still anti air it tho.
s.j.c cuts remote and works as a tandem confirm like any of the above.

Learn how to block SS mixup:
Low High Low: d.2x > Release Shooting star > d.2x
High Low: Release Shooting star > d.2x
Low Low High Low(You didn't pushblock the first low): d.2x > d.2x > Release Shooting star > d.2x

Beware of reset on the corner with delay between 2x while SS is out , or you'll get tandem confirmed again.

Shadow Dio

This one can become hell in a handbasket real fast if you're not careful. Shadow DIO can shmix you day and night if you don't play patiently. Pushblock his pressure and only punish what you can confidently punish.

If you keep throwing the doll at him, especially using 236c or 214aa, it's very easy for him to punish it with 236aa, it iframes through the attack and hits even when the doll attacks him from behind.

Make use of option select here so you don't get caught by his tick grabs and his multiversal oki.

Don't have the doll out for too long or else you'll take a lot of Stand damage from Shadow DIO - a free Stand Crash.

Get the life lead and turtle.

Rubber Soul

You must play patiently or else you are going to lose this matchup. Rubber will capitalize on every opportunity to shmix and/or vortex you. Do not underestimate his buttons.

His counter won't work if you attack from the opposite side he's facing.

You cannot do spear oki in this matchup. Use the crossup oki instead.

Stay unpredictable. If you get countered by his 214+S, you're taking massive damage.

Do not jump in. You will die.

Vanilla Ice

Compared to Polnareff, this matchup is more simple.

One touch and you're dead:
If he has meter he'll hitconfirm into his powerful tandem, ending in a 2c.
If not, he'll just go straight into 2c

In any case, it's game over as he has UB oki with 214x and d.2a after the 2c if you aren't dead post-tandem
Compared to Hol horse UB oki, this works on anyone so your crouching hurtbox or wake up speed won't help

So this is a loop, if he touches you and doesn't kill you in one tandem, you'll get knocked down by 2c into UB oki to end this.

If he's not turtling with his powerful normals(s.2b > s.2c, s.2b being cancellable into super/tandem, s.6c for anti air)
and also getting meter while spamming s.2b > s.2c
He'll be fishing for a tandem confirm with d.2a or IAD s.j.66c...Don't get hit by raw 6b/6c either.
Vice will use his roll most of the time so try to be patient and either grab him or jump rather than try and meaty with a normal.
s.236x is really dangerous if it touches Ebony or Devo, and after landing he's probably using s.623AA to punish your attempt to catch his landing.
Don't bother using 5c against the ball since downtech into die is a possibility, 5b should do the trick.

You still can apply crossup oki on him but not spear oki as his wake up speed is really fast.
A well timed IAD may beat his s.2b > s.2c but pray to god it actually does.
Your 2a doesn't beat his, 2c will but gets beaten by his 2c.

Young Joseph

Another game of cat and mouse, this time way easier.

Yojo's mobility is pretty good and his pokes can stuff out the doll's approach. Anti air him if he gets too comfortable in air.

Keep the doll halfway between you and yojo if you're far away from each other, so that you can punish him if he tries to throw clackers and reversal if he commits to an approach too much.

Knocking him down gives you a lot of time to reposition the puppet and setup your pressure. 663c is your friend, since the amount of his moves you low profile is just sad.

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