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Help:Old Formatting

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This page explains several formatting problems on Shoryuken Wiki's pages introduced by the 2020 software update and how you can fix them easily (as these problems are not easily sorted by automation.)


Prior to the 2020 update Shoryuken Wiki relied heavily on a "magic word" parser written by Tom Cannon to present move properties with icons such as Unblockable.png. This hooked into MediaWiki as an extension, and both the extension format & magic word behavior have changed significantly since that extension was written. The most troublesome part of this extension is that the syntax used to trigger it was invalid by wikitext standards and introduced inconsistent formatting for identical results.

While this extension was very useful in improving presentation, the decision was made to remove it and instead catalog all of the icons to be used as templates with valid wikitext syntax. Automation has been used to clean up most of the pages but there are still a lot of leftover formatting problems that automation can't easily pick up because of the inconsistent formatting.

There are some other problems as well, namely with the liberal use of inline CSS which renders differently after the MediaWiki software update and presents them in a more accurate yet harder to read format.

Fixing formatting problems

Thankfully fixing the aforementioned formatting problems is easy for humans! If you see any of the below behavior or anything odd on a page you like please sign up for an account and fix it.

Motion tags

Previously any user could open brackets with the #motion magic word and list a set of properties inside the brackets to show a list of icons in its place. Since this relied on a deprecated extension, the icons have been implemented as templates which require brackets for each property. Here's an example of how to fix it.

Let's say I want to write out the properties: Bufferable.png Proj.png Unblockable.png

  • Here is the old format: {{#motion bufferable proj unblockable}}
  • To fix it, write it out like this: {{bufferable}} {{proj}} {{unblockable}}

All of the properties used by the old formatting work the same way, but you can see a full list of these properties if you wish to do some more extensive fixes or use them on your own.

Inline HTML backgrounds

Previously, tables were written with more traditional HTML markup instead of wiki text. This means there are some tables that use inline CSS with styles that break things. Consider this table:

Block Frames
Move Name HL Damage Stun Cancel Ability Startup Active Recovery On Guard On Hit Notes
Close Jab.gif HL 400 4 ch/sp/su 3 4 6 +7 +7 -

This white background that makes it very hard to read was a result of old CSS styling not being applied correctly in MediaWiki's rendering. This now renders correctly, so readers now actually see the ugly white background the writers originally found harmless and probably copied and pasted around without considering the consequences. Fixing it is very simple, because you can see where the "background" style is applied using color code #F2F2F2 (you can check color codes with this page) at the very top of the table denoted by the "{|" symbol:

  • {| cellspacing="0" width="100%" style="border: 1px solid #999; background: #F2F2F2;"

To fix it, just remove "background: #F2F2F2;" from the style property. Check how it renders after that:

Block Frames
Move Name HL Damage Stun Cancel Ability Startup Active Recovery On Guard On Hit Notes
Close Jab.gif HL 400 4 ch/sp/su 3 4 6 +7 +7 -

Notice anything else?

The above represents known formatting problems. There could be many others, so please feel free to try to fix them on your own or ask for assistance in the SRK Wiki Editor's Discord server. If you notice anything particularly widespread please document it on this page or in the Discord so others can be aware.