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Fighter's History Dynamite

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Fighter's History Dynamite (also known as Karnov's Revenge) is a fighting game created by the now-defunct company Data East and released in March 1994. It is the sequel to the infamous Fighter's History, which drew the legal wrath of Capcom during the early 90s accusing of it's blatant rip-off design.

While the original game was made on Data East's own arcade system, the sequel was released for the Neo Geo with several improvements. Aside of new backgrounds and music the engine was re-tweaked so it became more combo-friendly and controls became more sleek. All nine characters return from the original game, while also making two bosses playable and introducing two newcomers. Although the game never achieved mainstream success, it maintains the cult status following to this day.

Fhd game screenshot1.png
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The Characters


Fighter's History Dynamite has 13 playable characters, 9 of which return from the infamous original Fighter's History, a game remembered mostly for being sued by Capcom for ripping off SF2. They are Ray, wandering American brawler; Feilin, Chinese actress; Ryoko, 17 year-old judo prodigy; Matlok, British punk rocker; Samchay, Muay Thai pro; Lee, Chinese Bājíquán specialist; Mizoguchi, high-school dropout who practices Jissen Karate; Jean, French professional gymnast; and Marstorius, pro wrestler from Italy.
The 2 boss characters are now playable: Clown (the name says it all) and Karnov, the almighty fighter from Russia and the host of the "Great Grapple" tournament. The final 2 characters are newcomers Yungmie, Korean Taekwondo master; and Zazie, a member of the African Nature Protection Society who practices Karate. These two stand out as original for the time, with Yungmie attacking with only kicks and a strong air fireball, and Zazie having a command dash he can cancel into his Hellfire uppercut.
All in all, the cast has variety. There's lots of fun to be had with new moves and the overhauled engine in Dynamite that ups the game speed and combo potential.

Ray Feilin Ryoko Matlok Samchay Lee
Ray McDougalLiu FeilinRyoko KanoOx!?Matlok JadeSamchay TomyamgunLee DiendouMakoto MizoguchiJean PierreMarstoriusLiu YungmieZazie MuhabaClownKarnovFhd-select-screen1.png
Mizoguchi Jean Marstorius Yungmie Zazie Clown Karnov

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