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Capcom vs SNK/EX Raiden

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EX Raiden is fairly similar to his normal self, with the most notable difference being 2 moves. Jumping Lariat Drop is now added to the mix, giving him a decent anti-air, at the cost of the Raiden Combination Body Blow (the reverse dp rekka). Instead of his Flame Breath super, Raiden gains Crazy Train, a rushing super not dissimilar from Balrog's Crazy Buffalo.

Basic Overview

EX Raiden doesn't actually play too differently from the base version. He unfortunately loses Raiden Combination and Flame Breath, which would combo into each other, but Crazy Train is a decent super which, thanks to some startup invincibility on the lvl 2 & 3 versions, can work as a decent counterattack at close range. With Flame Breath gone, his Jumping Lariat Drop is now his main anti-air, though Poison Spray can also work.

EX Raiden
CvS1 EXRaiden.jpg
Character Data
Ratio Assignment Ratio 2

Command Normals

Special Properties (glossary)
Stomp Kick
Df.png + Hk.png
Flying Body Press
(In the air) D.png + Hp.png

Special Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Giant Bomb
Charge B.png, F.png + P.png
Brief invincibility window on startup
Poison Spray
Hcb.png + P.png
Super Drop Kick
Hold and release K.png
Thunder Crush Bomb
360.png + K.png
Decent damage, but unfortunately puts the opponent at about half-screen from you, dropping any pressure.
Jumping Lariat Drop
Dp.png + P.png

Super Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Destruction Drop
360.png360.png + K.png
Crazy Train
Qcf.pngQcf.png + P.png
Has a brief window of invincibility on startup. Good counter at close range.